Evan Turner isn't interested in finishing 5th in the East this year

Evan Turner was arguably the Celtics' MVP last year. So as one of the few veteran leaders on a young squad, his words should be taken seriously.

One of objectives for the Celts, who finished 7th last season in the East, should be climbing up the ranks in the now extremely competitive conference. Turner though, isn't one to find joy out of just creeping up a few spots in the playoff race:

The five-year veteran has a valid point. He may not have said it directly but the ultimate milestone for the Celts shouldn't be a fifth place showing on the season, it should be winning a championship and raising a banner.

But as a realist I am aware that winning the championship might be a lofty dream for a team that won 40 games last year. So why not start with winning the Atlantic Division and getting home-court advantage in the first round? Avoiding a match up with LeBron and the Cavs can only help the Celtics chances in improving from a surprising playoff run last season.

Photo credit: Boston Herald File

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