Football season has just started, and NBA news is fairly scarce, so the Daily Snark's artists decided to do some hybrid logos that cross a city's NBA team with its NFL team just for fun.

Some of them are pretty cool, but others are a bit of a stretch since several cities are paired that aren't even remotely close to each other (who thought it was a good idea to pair Pittsburgh with San Antonio?) But it's just purely for entertainment purposes, so no sense in trying to rationalize some pairings I suppose.

What do you think of the Celtics/Patriots logo? Which are your favorites and which are your least favorites? Is that Kobe in the hideous Raiders logo? Voice your opinions in the comments.

AFC East (Miami Dolphins/Miami Heat) (NY Jets/Brooklyn Nets) (New England Patriots/Boston Celtics) (Buffalo Bills/Toronto Raptors) 

 AFC West (San Diego Chargers / Los Angeles Clippers) (Denver Broncos / Denver Nuggets) (Kansas City Chiefs / Sacramento Kings) (Oakland Raiders / Los Angeles Lakers)

AFC South (Tennessee Titans / Memphis Grizzlies) (Houston Texans / Houston Rockets) (Indianapolis Colts / Indiana Pacers) (Jacksonville Jaguars / Utah Jazz) 

AFC North (Cleveland Browns / Cleveland Cavaliers) (Pittsburgh Steelers / San Antonio Spurs) (Baltimore Ravens / Baltimore Bullets) (Cincinnati Benglas / Portland Trailblazers)

NFC East (Philadelphia Eagles / Philadelphia 76ers) (Dallas Cowboys / Dallas Mavericks) (Washington Wizards / Washington Redskins) (New York Giants / New York Knicks) 

NFC North (Green Bay Packers / Milwaukee Bucks) (Detroit Lions / Detroit Pistons) (Minnesota Vikings / Minnesota Timberwolves) (Chicago Bears / Chicago Bulls) 

NFC West (Seattle Seahawks / Seattle Super Sonics) (St. Louis Rams / Oklahoma City Thunder) (San Francisco 49ers / Golden State Warriors) (Arizona Cardinals / Phoenix Suns) 

NFC South (Carolina Panthers / Charlotte Bobcats) (Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Orlando Magic) (Atlanta Falcons / Atlanta Hawks) (New Orleans Saints / New Orleans Pelicans) 

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