The good news? The Celtics won the 1st and 4th quarters, which gives them two points in this weird summer league points standings competition.

The bad news? They lost the second and third quarters by a combined score of 65-27, and turned what was once an 18-point lead into a 19-point loss.

The important news? The score shouldn't matter for many folks. See the above box score for full stats, but here are a few notes:

- Kelly Olynyk, Colton Iverson and the rest of the Celtics frontline got annihilated by D-leaguer Willie Reed, who seemingly did whatever he wanted down low.

- Mike Moser, a rookie free agent out of Oregon, played really well early on for the Cs. He's athletic and can really shoot. He's similar to Chris Johnson, but would likely be cheaper, so don't be surprised if he pushed Johnson for a spot.

- Marcus Smart was 3-15 shooting, and was out of control offensively for much of the game. Should be expected that he's still a little out of his element, so I'm not surprised. But obviously he needs to work on his shooting -- a lot.

- Iverson had 5 fouls in 12 minutes with 1 point and 3 rebounds, plus the aforementioned defensive struggles. Not good for someone fighting for a spot.

- I miss Fab Melo. Guy sucked, but he was really fun to watch because he always did something weird and kept things interesting in these summer league games.

That's all from me, you guys notice anything else?

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Michael Dyer 7/07/2014 05:14:00 PM Edit
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