Celtics Interested in Lance Stephenson

You knew things were too quiet for Danny, right? According to Chris Broussard of ESPN, the Boston Celtics are kicking tires on the 8th grader:

The Pacers and Stephenson reportedly were at an impasse last week after Stephenson would not accept Indiana's offer of 44 million over 5 years. Stephenson averaged 13.8 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 4.6 assists a game last season, and will turn 24 in September.

The Celtics are up against the cap, so acquiring Stephenson would need to come through trade.

There's a few ways to look at this. The sensationalist thing to say would be to comment on how this is a clear indication that something huge is happening right now. Either the Celtics are definitely going to trade Rondo to Indiana, or they're definitely making a play at Kevin Love and are using Stephenson as bait.

Then there's the more grounded approach. At some point, Danny Ainge acquired the moniker 'Trader Danny,' but I thought the name has never fit. Ainge isn't as much of a wheeler & dealer, as he is a tire kicker. This is a guy who called 30 free agents on the first day of free agency. He wants to know what's out there, and what their price tag is.