Chris Bosh seriously considering max offer from Houston

Chris Bosh is out that H-town, and he's considering coming down. Coming down, coming down.

Via Chris Broussard
Sources: Rockets offer Bosh max deal of 4 yrs, $96 million. After weekend convo with LeBron and low offer from Heat, Bosh considering offer

The move to Houston would make a lot of sense for Bosh. He'd able to move closer to home, would be able to move back to his natural position (and has apparently maintained a strong friendship with his potential frontcourt mate Dwight Howard after playing on the 2008 olympic team together), and remain on a title contender, all while making about 8 million dollars a season more than he would receive as a member of the Miami Heat.

Outside of considering how many Six Flags trips the Howard-Harden-Bosh trio would take, this potentially has some very interesting league wide implications. Bosh's move could push Lebron back to Cleveland, or it could open up a spot in South Beach for Carmelo Anthony. And if Bosh and James do leave, what does that mean for Dwyane Wade, a man who may or may not even be alive right now? I mean, seriously, has anyone heard from Wade since the Finals? Should we start thinking about assembling a search party?