According to David Pick the Senior basketball correspondent at Eurobasket.com Dario Saric will transition from Croatia to the states and to the NBA if the Celtics or Lakers draft him:

Saric going to the Celtics at six is highly unlikely, however, considering they already have Kelly Olynyk and Jared Sullinger at the four not to mention the talks of going after Kevin Love.

Dan Favale of Bleacher Report had this to say:
Boston has gaping holes in its frontcourt, but it needs a true center more than it does a floor-spacing forward. Both Kelly Olynyk and Jared Sullinger fill those slots. The Celtics could also re-sign Kris Humphries, another forward who renders Saric's arrival overkill.

There's always the possibility Coach Brad Stevens tries to run with Olynyk or even Saric at the 5, but Sullinger's father, Satch, recently told ABC 6 (via Mass Live) that the Celtics "kind of promised" his son they would acquire a legitimate center. Saric doesn't fit that bill.

Favale elaborated that he thinks Saric going to the Lakers is much more of a possibility:
The Lakers have a bigger need for the 6'10" 20-year-old, whose skill set is essentially a fusion of their entire frontcourt rotation from this past season.

"Saric is like a Swiss Army knife out there—at 6'10", he handles the ball, facilitates, scores and shoots," Wasserman writes. "He also led the Adriatic League in rebounding—the same league of which he was named MVP."

This will be possible if the Lakers decide not to re-sign Gasol, who in many ways Saric's game mirrors, but it still might be a reach considering he's rated as the eighth overall best prospect in the upcoming draft according to www.draftexpress.com.

The most likely scenario is Saric not being drafted by either at six or seven then still being available for Boston at number 17.

This could present a conundrum for the Celtics brass as do they go after the best player available and possibly alienate Sully and Kelly O. or do they draft a less touted player that fills a more gaping need?

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