Throughout the 2013-14 season, trade rumors have been at the center of every discussion. As the trade deadline is quickly approaching, we're taking a deeper look at what teams are in need of what the Celtics can offer and what kind of assets the Celtics could be looking for to assist Boston in the rebuilding process.

Jeff Green has been involved with virtually every rumored trade this season. Examining what he brings to a potential trade partner vs. what the Celtics are really giving up by trading him has been a polarizing debate. The real question that needs to be answered: Is Jeff Green more valuable to the Celtics as a cornerstone or as a trade chip?

Golden State Warriors

POTENTIAL PIECES INVOLVED: David Lee, Harrison Barnes, draft picks

Uncle Jeff Green in a up-tempo offense in the Western Conference? If you’re basketball fan and you’re not salivating over this deal, check your pulse. Golden State has been one of these most fun teams to watch all season. Jeff Green would give Golden State another legitimate scoring threat. Paired with, backing up, or playing in place of Andre Iguodala down the stretch is a fantastic role for Jeff Green.

Golden State is currently in the eighth spot in the Western Conference and is going to need additional fire power down the regular season stretch and into the postseason. Having a guy like Jeff Green to keep the pressure on and tempo high is exactly the kind of deal they should be looking for.

Probability of Happening: 20%

Atlanta Hawks

POTENTIAL PIECES INVOLVED: Louis Williams, DeMarre Carroll

I cannot think of a better basketball city or situation for Jeff Green. Aside from providing an upgrade at the small forward over DeMarre Carroll, Jeff Green becomes another scoring option in Atlanta without having to be THE scoring option in Atlanta. Once the entire squad is healthy, Atlanta would have Al Horford, Paul Milsap, Jeff Green, Kyle Korver, and Jeff Teague as their starters. That is a really, REALLY good line up.

Atlanta would have a legit shot at advancing beyond the first round of the playoffs on the back of a team that doesn’t finally revolve around Joe Johnson or Josh Smith having the ball at all times- something Atlanta has been working towards for some time. All five starters have the potential (and history) of being “the man” on any given night.

Probability of Happening: 50%

Houston Rockets


Green for Asik straight up works and has always worked in the trade machine. This was one of the rumored move by Houston and Boston in mid-December 2013, but the deal fell through. Since that time, Asik has barely stepped on a basketball court and with the real trade deadline quickly approaching, if Houston is going to make a move it has to be now.

Boston is in the better spot here. They don’t need to move Jeff Green. If he isn’t sent to Houston in a deal for Asik, he could be moved on draft night as part of a Danny Ainge special. Or Green stays on the Celtics through the rebuild and is part of the next phase of Boston basketball. Green gets knocked a lot for not being Paul Pierce. He’s not the heir apparent Celtics fans want him to be, but as the landscape for Boston basketball continues to shift, he may not need to fill that specific role. Either way, if Green is kept or traded, Boston wins. It’s a great position to be in.

The pressure is on for Houston in this deal. Green gives them depth and scoring ability. He’s an upgrade over Terrence Jones as a tandem partner for Chandler Parsons, or alters their entire second unit as a sixth man. Green, just by stepping on the court, is a better option for Houston than Asik because he will be playing basketball consistently.

Probability of Happening: 60%

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Sources: Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images, Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

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