We knew today would be a fast day.  This all didn't happen in one day.  Technically I am wrong, it all went down today but these talks have been brewing over the past week and maybe even before.   The Celtics made some signings today and we want to know who some of these guys are.   Below will chronicle the moves.

Glen Davis is traded to Orlando for Brandon Bass. Acquire Keyon Dooling from the Milwaukee Bucks for a 2nd round draft pick. Marquis Daniels re-signs for one year.   Chris Wilcox signs a one year, league minimum contract with Boston. Jeff Green signs a one year contract.

Oh, and they signed their rookies, E'Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson.  (Get easier names next time Danny, its not fun typing them!)

Not a bad day by any means for the Celtics.  The starting five has been in stone now forever with only one change in the past 4 season.    They needed to get a good bench if they have any chance winning this season because they will need to do it with 8 or 9 guys, opposed to 5-6.  When I say that I mean this roster needs a bench that can play big minutes because of the age, wear and tear of the starters outside of Rajon Rondo.  Without further adieu, here are your 2011/2012 Boston Celtics (can we just call this year the 2012 season?).

 Point Guards:  R. Rondo, K. Dooling, A. Bradley
Shooting Guards: R. Allen, M. Daniels, E. Moore (R)
Small Forwards: P. Pierce, J. Green
Power Forwards: K. Garnett, B. Bass, J. Johnson (R)
Centers: J. O’Neal, C. Wilcox

 This was suppose to be an article about the new guys, so I will get right to it.  The new names to the roster that you may not know are Keyon Dooling, Chris Wilcox, and Brandon Bass.  I know, you probably forget about the rookies but we already explained that Jajuan and E'Twaun.

Keyon Dooling 

Never playing a full season as a starter, Keyon will be your hustle point guard who understands his role. Capable of playing 20 good minutes a night which will benefit saving Rondo throughout the season with 66 games in 66 days (well it will feel like it).  Keyon would average 14-6 if he was starting full time, but never got the opportunity.  Here in Boston he will be able to continue his success as a dribble-drive style point guard, just like Rajon Rondo does.  Will never wow you, but he will do what is needed at the best of his capabilities.

Chris Wilcox

We have landed a very good rebounding big man.  He will be able to play solid minutes for the Celtics which will be needed with a thing called Jermaine O'Neal as the starting center.  Chris holds the Seattle Supersonics record for most rebounds in a single game at 24.  It's safe to say that record will never be broken.  He played very well in Seattle averaging 14-8 as a starter before the famous move.  Wilcox could use a redemption and land one more contract, at 29 years old, because his window is closing for another pay day. 

Brandon Bass

Playing over 20 minutes per game for the first time in his career really gave Brandon a name.  Having established one in Dallas in years past as an energetic, eye opening physical play maker off the bench during their runs. This will be the one acquisition (besides Jeff Green) that will be the most debated.  Always happens when one player is moved for another player.  Brandon will not do what Big Baby did, hell he might be the polar opposite minus the fact they both played at LSU.  Brandon is a strong body who will bring some youth to this roster, but have some experience.  Maybe a new best friend for Rajon Rondo.

All of these acquisitions have one thing in common.  They are all veterans, they have been in good situations and some bad (Chris Wilcox) but they are all proven players to who are capable of playing big minutes of the bench from time to time.  Remember not to compare these guys to other guys who use to be in those roles like Glen Davis, Delonte West, Carlos Arroyo, etc.  This team needs every body they can find to give it their all.  I can't wait to see who they use the other two roster spots on.  

Jacob Noble 12/09/2011 09:26:00 PM Edit
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  1. BOCKNOWZ says:

    Lets make a 3 team trade. J.Teague in Boston,Rondo,D.Wright, & A.Bradley in Atlanta,M.Williams,E.Moore,K.Hinrich, & 1st round pick in Golden State. Boston should sign Nick Young,C.Billups,T.McGrady,Delonte West, & D`Andre Jordan to Boston.

  2. A. D'Andre will not be traded wherever he signs. B. Why would we trade Rondo, Bradley, Moore just for nick young. No one wants TMAC, Billups might retire and Delonte West is someone they still could sign.

  3. Jay says:

    I like the moves. I would like to see them sign Kwame brown or maybe Reggie Evans..We need a Center type...and I really want Delonte back, but i got a bad feeling its not going to happen

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    I just can't believe anyone can be excited about this. You think Wilcox, Dooling, and Bass are going to make a difference with how far this team goes? We've officially become the Atlanta Hawks. It's evident from our fans. Content with second round playoff eliminations. This sucks

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