Jesse Dampolo 6/24/2011 01:05:00 AM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I got a felling DWest will be traded...

  2. C's Fan In Mia says:

    I like this one better! http://youtu.be/iH3JfWMOn-c
    Can't wait to see what the Purdue duet do for our team!

  3. People are HEAVILY overlooking Moore,

    "Has a nice jumper, and it is definitely the pillar of his offensive game … Can make shots spotting up, coming off screens, in isolation, and in the pick and roll … A quick, easy release and supreme confidence in his shot…Solid ability to make shots with a hand in his face …Very crafty and instinctive about how he creates his offense … Rarely seems rushed on the floor … Takes care of the ball…Possesses strong basic passing skills … Developed his ball-handling steadily over his career … Effective pick and roll player…Steady on-ball defender who plays with toughness and good fundamentals … Possesses a 6’9 wingspan that will help him on the defensive end"

  4. C's Fan In Mia says:

    Very True ^^^ Glad Someone Else Pointed All That Out! I'm Excited For Next Season!

  5. shelbyl says:

    Well, they are teammates with Johnson, and we haven't seen much of Bradley, so I say trade Bradley for a tall guy that can be molded into sth.

  6. steven says:

    this was an absolute steal. he was first round talent. i wish someone else had taken him tho because isiah thomas would have been taken.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I'm surprised we didn't draft a tall white guy this year.

  8. @shelbyl

    Why is everyone so obsessed with just trading away valuable unproven guys just to fill what appears to be an empty spot? Avery Bradley was picked higher and recruited higher than both of these guys...

  9. Anonymous says:

    I'm into trading Dwest instead of AB. As much as I like Dwest, he is injury prone and to think there's a high possibility that Daniels will again be with the Celtics.

  10. Anonymous says:

    to let DWest go and sign Marquis Daniels, I rather puke my brains out, DWest played his best game against Miami, we need him.
    Anonymous above, you know nothing about basketball if you say such thing


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