Jeff Green Re-Signs with Celtics

1 year, $9 million dollar deal.

So the roster is taking shape. I think people down the road will look at the Celtics not getting Chris Paul as a blessing in disguise. With news that Brandon Roy will retire today because of his knee, you simply can't mortgage your whole future and pay $102 million to a 6 foot point guard with his knee issues. Not sure if Green took the qualifier or they negotiated a 1 year deal, but this is good news for Celtics fans. Celtics get 66 more games (plus the playoffs) to determine if Green fits and we retain cap room for next Summer.

Here is how the roster is shaping up: 
Point Guards: Rondo, Dooling, Moore
Shooting Guards: Ray, Marquis, Bradley
Small Forwards:  Pierce, Green
Power Forwards: KG, Bass, Wilcox
Centers: Jermaine, JaJuan

That's 13 players so far. Some guys play multi positions, but you get the point. Ideally the Celtics fill out the roster with a Delonte type 3rd guard and a Prysbilla type true center.