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But the Celtics stepped forward with an offer that would not have to come with any commitment from Paul that he'd re-sign with Boston after the season. According to a person familiar with the discussions, the Celtics offered Rajon Rondo, two future first-round picks, and restricted free agent Jeff Green in a sign-and-trade for Paul.

The impetus behind the Celtics' potential rental offer for Paul was intriguing: Come to Boston, take a shot at winning a title with Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett while the window is still open, and then have enough room to entice Dwight Howard to come on board as an unrestricted free agent next summer. Garnett and Allen come off the books July 1, leaving the Celtics with only $30.4 million in committed salary for next season, when Howard can opt out of his contract with Orlando.

Though Paul has never expressed a desire to play in Boston, if he liked his new surroundings and the Celtics' chances of luring Howard, he would be in a championship-contending situation and could get his max deal of five years, $100 million six months after the trade.

This is worse then I thought. Not only is Ainge offering Rondo for Chris Paul, despite Rondo's better health and much smaller contract, but he's also willing to kick in Jeff Green, who he sacrificed Kendrick Perkins and last season for. But that's not all. Here's a first rounder New Orleans (probably the Clippers pick). Still not enough? Here's another 1st rounder. So if Paul leaves for New York next Summer, we have no Paul, no Rondo, no Green, and no draft picks to rebuild with. There's going All-In and then there's Crazy.

Update 10:00pm via SI.com
Sources said their offer includes point guard Rajon Rondo, a 2012 top-10 protected first-round pick from the Clippers, second-year guard Avery Bradley and rookie guard E'Twaun Moore. Another source said restricted free agent Jeff Green would likely be part of that deal as well.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    im not sure if i like this or dislike this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    WTH!!!! Rondo IS the Celtics! I swear I will boycott!

  3. JR says:

    I wonder if Danny also offered his son Austin, as well as the new Bill Russell statue.

    How do the Knicks get Melo for a bunch of fringe starters/backups and we have to trade a young star as well as Jeff Green and multiple first rounders for Chris "Bone on Bone Knees" Paul?

  4. Anonymous says:

    i think C's need a powerful center like d12 rather than pushing cp3 to play in bos

  5. Bohemian says:

    Honestly, I would be very surprised if the Hornets don´t take this offer...it´s a steal for them and a HUGE risk for us. IMO it´s a risk worth taking, but a RISK.

    I don´t know what else can they ask for. Apparently LAC offers Gordon+Jordan...and no picks??

    As I said, Ainge wants Rondo desperately (despite denying it last week) and I believe it will get done this week (just my guts, I am no insider of course lol)

  6. jake says:

    You understand Danny and doc are different people right?

  7. Anonymous says:

    best line up, big 4 + Superman = 18th Banner

  8. Bohemian says:

    Sorry, Ainge wants Rondo OUT desperately...jeez I should be sleeping (almost 3 am here)

  9. BHlousek says:

    Its cause they're the Knicks, and everyone wants to play for them, whereas we are Boston, home to the faithful, and victorious. Also doesn't help that we've never been a big FA sign point.

  10. JR says:

    See the thing is 3rd Anonymous, for Howard I'd think this was a fair bounty. For Chris Paul it's too much.

  11. I know that you think he's going to the Knicks... but he literally can't go there unless Boston trades him. They won't have the cap space.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The question is will CP3 will return to a game w/ a dislocated elbow. Rondo aint like other NBA players. He doesn't rub elbows w/ LeBron, and Kobe. He competes. I cant see CP3 havin the heart that Rondo does. Rondo's a winner, Rondo wants to win. CP3 is in the game for money and attention, I think all he cares about is his swag. That's why he wants to be out in LA, or NYC. I don't want CP3. Rondo=celt for life.

  13. JR says:

    Yeah BHlousek, but I think Ainge decides he wants someone and becomes obsessed with him. He's the type of gm I love in fantasy basketball b/c he'll make crazy offers for 1 player. They get fleeced in the end.

  14. Bohemian says:

    I think Danny would do this to:

    - Prevent the Lakers from doing it
    - Having a shot to land Howard in the summer

    That´s the only reason, otherwise it is just madness

  15. Anonymous says:

    damn you DA!!!

  16. This would be a good deal if Boston is just trading THEIR next two 1st Rounders, I don't want them to get rid of the Clippers pick.

  17. JR says:

    Jesse he can sign with the Knicks for less, but not chump change. Then he can make the money back up with endorsements in the media capital of the world. Also I don't put it past Carmelo to hook CP3 up with some of his full boat money under the table.

    If he wants to play in NYC badly enough he can make up the missing millions.

  18. Sherrie' says:

    Noooo!!! Rondo does exactly what a PG is suppose to do, and he does it well! He is a Celtic! Not that I don't respect or like Chris Paul.... But this shit just ain't right!

  19. JR says:

    I wonder if you can make a contingency trade where the picks only change hands if Paul bolts Boston.

  20. BHlousek says:

    Unfortunately, JR its not fantasy, its the real world; which only tells us Danny needs to start thinking with his head and not his heart, else he will end up as the second Evil Emperor; the one who broke up the Celtics (modern day)

  21. JR says:

    Btw, I don't dislike Chris Paul. Before the surgeon took out part of knee, I thought he was a top 4 player in the league and the type of guy to build a team around. Now I fear the 2nd coming of T-Mac.

  22. BHlousek says:

    Can we try a contingency trade, with the clause being if Paul leaves, we get Rajon back?

  23. Anonymous says:

    not true

  24. Anonymous says:

    This what will happen.
    Danny Fucking Dumbass Ainge will trade Rondo
    Paul comes and won't be able to handle the big 3,
    We'll lose,
    Paul won't come back, will go to NY,
    Celtics will end up with neither RONDO nor Paul,
    And we'll be fucked,
    And Rondo will be laughing his ass off and go to OKC,
    Rondo, Durant, and Perk will win 3 Championships


  25. This subject sucks. I have no idea how to respond to this. CP or Rondo? They both have pros and cons. One of Rondo's pros is his heart though, I believe that gives him my vote if it were up to me.

  26. kunzang says:

    and with this trade....we sign to not winning it all this season!!!
    god be grateful if we even make it to the playoffs!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    If this trade happens I don't think I'll be a huge fan this year. Sometimes its not all about getting the best player, sometimes it's about watching players that you've developed a relationship with take the team as far as they can. That said, This isnt about some scrubs at the end of the bench, this is our starting champion point guard. I think Danny is not realizing the affects of all this from a fan standpoint and from his potential starter in Rondo.

  28. Anonymous says:

    this is obviously fake your dumb if you believe this

  29. Anonymous says:

    I can understand rondo and a future draft pick for Paul but Green also...holy shit we are in trouble guys...

  30. glitterchick says:

    I'm a hardcore Rondo fan all the way-no secret there. That aside,exactly WHO is going to play center and come off the bench? Or does Danny plan on having a four man team? I guess Truth,KG,and Ray won't mind playing an entire game with no rest. Yeah great plan Dan. Smh

  31. Bring back the lockout!!!

  32. Everybody just keeps saying "Who's going to play center?! Who's going to play center?!"

    What does that have to do with upgrading the PG position and attempting to lure Dwight Howard here.

  33. JR says:

    This man is going to play center!

  34. Anonymous says:

    jr^ love

  35. Reean says:

    Keep green and clippers pick trade rondo Avery and 3 2nd rounders

  36. JR says:

    No one wants Avery and crappy 2nd rounders Reean. lol

  37. Anonymous says:


  38. Reean says:

    Shut up JR xD fine give rondo BBD and celtics 12-13 1st rounders and kings 15' 2nd rounder

  39. Reean says:

    Warriors offer stephen curry klay Thompson and ekpe
    Clipper offer jordan and gordan

  40. BHlousek says:


    yeah, Danny is definitly shopping a player who's name ryhmes with Majon Mondo

  41. JR says:

    Rondo is gone. Whether it's for Chris Paul or someone else. Danny's been trying to trade him for years. For Robert Swift, then Rodney Stuckey, then Tyreke Evans. Ainge just doesn't like him.

  42. Anonymous says:

    This is a buncha BS! But I forgot Ainge is all abt the money not showing loyalty to the players that have made the Celtics!! Break up this team and It's gonna gr worse than the Perkins trade that never should have happened!

  43. Curry talks are in a three way with New Orleans i beleive. Curry to Hornets (father played there), Rondo to Warriors?

  44. TH says:

    This sounds like another crazy rumor, I just hope Rondo is prepared for whatever he really should have pushed to leave when Perk left in all honesty.

  45. JR says:

    I wonder if the Hornets pass on both GS and the C's if that trade will be rekindled. Rondo is better than Curry, so GS might have a change of heart and I totally believe that Danny wants to move Rondo. CP3 is his first choice, but I don't think he'll stop once CP3 is traded to another team.

  46. shelbyl says:

    Scenario 1: Ainge is trying to make it as hard as possible for other teams who want Paul (and we know there are quite a bit)

    In this case, good job.

    Scenario 2: Ainge is going all in with a pair of 10s.

    In this case, God help us.

  47. Bhlousek says:

    Lets hope to the Celtic Basketball Gods that its only scenario one!

  48. Anonymous says:

    I swear DA must be in the lakers or heat payroll.

  49. Anonymous says:

    What the hell is wrong with Danny ainge? He is giving up the future of this team for what he believes is a good deal, which it's not. It would take at least 2 years for Paul to get the hang of the offense in Boston, and Boston doesnt have 2 years with the aging big 3. Rondo and green are the future of the celtics, so this trade would be freaking retarded. In sure the celtics will lose many fans because of dumbass ainge. Besides as shaq said " Paul isn't better than Rondo" FUCK YOU DANNY AINGE

  50. Gigi says:

    RT Bring back the lockout!!! Even if we keep Rondo now, Ainge ruined the team spirit. smh.

  51. YGR says:

    I know CP3 may be the best PG in the NBA, but I know he is NOT worth Rondo, Green, AND two first round picks. Not in these circumstances. We barely have enough money as it is, and adding CP3 to the roster is going to take even more money away from us, and we'd have an extra roster spot to fill with that small amount of money. If this trade goes down, it should be considered the STUPIDEST trade in NBA history.

  52. Anonymous says:

    I'm fine with this. You have to bottom out before you can get back on top(unless you're the Lakers). It would be worse to keep Rondo and Green and be a team good enough to get to the first round but never any better than that.

  53. Anonymous says:

    why dont we get howard..? this trade works..


  54. Anonymous says:

    +11 wins for boston -15 wins for orlando

  55. Anonymous says:

    This is not only crazy, Ainge is certifiably insane. He's destroying our Celtics w/some obsession w/getting Chris Paul,jettisoning Rondo.
    Makes no basketball sense. All we need is a big. We have a premiere point guard.
    1. Paul is not a big upgrade over Rondo, especially w/knee question
    2. Paul making it clear he won't re-sign with Celtics - has wanted NY for ages.
    3. Dwight Howard doesn't want Celtics - he'll probably be gone to Lakers.

    Of course all this started with another Ainge brain-cramp-'genius' Perk move. To add insult to injury Ainge willing to get rid of Green - the guy we lost Perk for(thought he was our back-up to Pierce)and to top it off if Rondo stays he will be disgruntled - he was lied to last week.

    My head and heart hurt.

  56. Anonymous says:

    I agree with JR...I won't be surprise anymore if Danny Ainge trades Rondo for Tj Ford


  57. BOCKNOWZ says:

    We need Westbrook & Perkins in Boston and Ainge should trade Rondo,J.Green,G.Davis, & 1st round draft pick.

  58. Anonymous says:

    go Celtics
    keep Rondo

  59. Anonymous says:

    why does everyone think that if rondo stays, his only reaction or his main reaction is that he will be disgruntled. last time he was part of major trade talks, 2009-10 season, he helped lead the celtics to the nba finals. he is the type of player who excels playing with chip on his shoulder.

  60. Anonymous says:

    rondo to okc, westbrook here flipped to NO for cp3. celtics with "cp fucked up knee" and big three vs. rondo, durant and perkinds nba finals. and then more fuck you ainge comments.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Ainge is a disguised Laker fan infiltrated to destroy the Celtics.

    Is the only explanation for that absurd SHIT!

  62. lJareDl says:

    only the celtics will have the disadvantage here...

    celts should keep green and rondo because green can bring energy for the team from bench...

    and they should acquire jordan...

    because if they want d12, celts need to lose something big in their roster just to acquire d12

  63. Anonymous says:

    it's like the adele song RUMOR HAS IT
    “she, she aint real , she aint gone be able to love u like i will (rondo), she is a stranger, u and i have history or dont u remember. sure she’s got it all, but baby is that really what u want? BLESS YOUR SOUL danny ainge, u got your head in the clouds, you made a fool out of you”

    adele has a song for everything :)

  64. I like the rondo and green for perk and westbrook trade better

  65. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous 5 you are obviously an extremely intelligent person! Thank you for saying that all so I don't have to... ok I (im 15) have been a celtic fan since 04... yes when the celtics were the worst in the league. have been a huge fan since then. If they f***ing trade rondo i will 1. put a hit on danny and 2 never EVER cheer for them again. Rondo is the BEST thing (despite the big three) to happen to boston since Bird. ainge you remember those days don't you? the one where you, the skinny little white prick, tried to pick a fight with anyone you could! can we pleaseee trade ainge instead?????? PLEASEEEEEE :,( i mean give these celtics a chance...jermaine may stay healthy, big 4 led by rondo was THE SH*T last year. they beat the heat in their 1st game remember? then we got green (who WILL get better) to take allens place, and jujuan johnson is a great player to take garnets place! i saw him play at purdue he'll be much better than even turner or tristan thompson. and idk who will replace peirce but with that much extra money for contracts we can sign who ever the hell we want!!!!! nuff said

  66. BHlousek says:


    possible Ainginess?

  67. Anonymous says:

    but since im a warrior fan i'd have no prob with rondo to gs. with curry gone ellis can shine and rondo will get dimes like crazy. im up for that trade but only IF rondo absolutely HAS to go.

  68. Jay says:

    wow...Danny just really let this one go, How can we trade allll of those players Jeff Green(Perkins deal=completely useless)..Bradley (waste of a 1st round draft pick last year,that hasnt played at all really)..& Etwaun Moore a 2nd round pick with potential all for Chris Paul.

    That is fucked up, that is our whole roster..i hope this is bullshit

  69. tb727 says:

    Get it done Danny and Banner 18 awaits!!

    That Danny's a GENIUS!

  70. Anonymous says:


  71. Anonymous says:


  72. Anonymous says:

    You guys are idiots. Rondo is not the future. When the big 3 are gone and you need Rondo to score how will we win? The guy can't shoot. He's a liability at the foul line. He's stubborn. Veterans complaint about him.

    Yes he's good. Maybe great but you guys act like we are trading away Magic Johnson. And to complaint about Danny? If it weren't for him we wouldn't have banner 17. And if they trade Rondo and win 18, all of you are going to be on the bandwagon saying how much you love the currency team.

  73. Anonymous says:

    which veterans have complained about rondo?

  74. rondolover says:

    This rumors r exactly what they r don't nobody know shit ......Rondo is not leaving the Celtics they will add but not subtract the big 4.....Ainge is crazy but not that damn crazy...all ppl can do is guess and speculate but they don't know shit if they did he wouldn't be traded to all these different teams...so stop spreading the dumb shit .....Warriors already said that's not true about a Rondo trade...N.O don't won't that shit either...so just shut the fuck up

  75. rondolover says:

    Shut the fuck up dummy not Vets complain about him u don't know what the fuck u talking about...take the stick out ur azz and put it in ur mouth and don't let nomore dumb shit cone out of it...its clear u don't know what the fuck ur talking about jackazz Rondo is the future when the big is gone they have more money to bring In new ppl

  76. Anonymous says:

    Rondo is Celtics, CP not and can't be Celtics. CP has no Celtics' nature.
    Without Rondo, Celtics is no longer is Celtics. Ainge's brain must be burned bably.
    Fans from Taiwan

  77. Anonymous says:

    That is wAYYYYYY too much to give up.

  78. If this deal goes down.I will boycott Celtics until we get a new GM!!

  79. Anonymous says:

    smh on some of the comments here.all im going to say is that i support the rondo for chris paul trade.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Ainge, jeśli to przejdzie to pojadę do Bostonu i ci po prostu wyjebie. Człowiekum ty się lecz, a nie organizację niszczysz. Może jeszcze wymień Kevina na jakieś picki z drugiej rundy....


  81. Anonymous says:

    I'm just wondering if all somehow pans out (by that I mean the Cs somehow get Paul, win banner 18, then get Howard) what the comments will look like...

    "Yeah! I told you! I was all for trading Rondo, now that he is a 10 and 8 player on another team!"

    Seriously, you guys need to get over yourselves, you're not GMs and there's prolly a reason... Also, this prolly wouldn't be for Paul straight-up, as it is obvious that NO desn't want Rondo. A third party (Warriors? Pacers? ???)is needed and that could bring more players back to the Cs.

    I've rarely seen a deal happen the exact same way it was predicted/rumored to happen...

  82. Chris Paul for Rondo straight up with no extension would be enough. If getting Paul will encourage Howard to come here too then it is worth it. Otherwise don't do it.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Shaq openly complained about him in the media and on NBA TV. Maybe you need to read something besides Celtics blogs. He said other vets complain about him too just not to the media.

  84. Anonymous says:

    And if Rondo is the future of the Celtics, and if he's the face of the Celtics then here is to many years in the draft lottery. Rondo is great for this team. He'd be great in Chicago, LA, Miami and Dallas because he would have great players to pass to but put him on New Orleans or the Pacers and he's an above average point guard

  85. Anonymous says:

    why are you so dumb? they already have westbrook

  86. 86 comments, holy smokes, all over rumors and sources. i love this game!

  87. Anonymous says:

    I'm with you ...

  88. Anonymous says:

    what if Howard leaves the magic now?..........i dont know about this

  89. Anonymous says:

    can we just trade ainge for someone that wants to have a good winning championship team? maybe we could trade danny for a 5yr old off a school play ground. Who cares about ball hog chris paul, or westbrook. obviously danny cant see how bad this trade went last year, i mean green was ok during the playoffs but we would of gone further if not past miami. this is just foolish to trade the most watched most improved player for a player that has missed time due to knee problems and health. hes a cry baby peroid. hes giving up on the hornets cause his other good players arent good enough for him, let him go to knicks and watch us walk all over them

  90. Anonymous says:

    What the hell has someone put in the coffee? Green, R. ROndo, Bradley & another + a projected 1st rounder?????? WTF! Rondo's also healthier, younger and cheaper no less!!! ROndo stay's, piss off CP3, we'll take D12 instead! If this actually happen's, it is the pipe bomb in Danny A's ARS!!!!

  91. Anonymous says:

    It is spelled "probably" just for your 4th grade grammer knowledge.

    & as for this dumb rumor, it is just that.

  92. Anonymous says:

    do not like giving up Green, rather part with BBD

  93. Anonymous says:

    You sound DUMB!

  94. QD says:

    Now, now children, no name calling here at C'slife.

  95. Anonymous says:

    Agreed. Plus I'd like to keep Avery in case CP3 leaves.

  96. Anonymous says:

    just get CP3. with CP3 you got 3 perimeter shooters(Truth, Allen, CP3) you got 2 penetrators(CP3 and Truth) and CP3 can pass alley-oops to KG or JaJuan. its a real upgrade from Rondo and a real bait to hook D12 for next year. you got a Celtic that will contend this year and the next 4 or 5 years. Don't get me wrong as a Rondo hater, man I love him but I love to see Celtics win year after year!

  97. alisha says:

    i personally feel that getting rid of Rondo would not be a good move just like i did not agree with getting rid of Kendrick Perkins. Rondo is becoming one of the faces of the team and to get rid of him would be a major mistake. He had some fantastic games last season so why would you get rid of him. He is a great point guard. PLEASE KEEP RONDO ON THE TEAM!
    -Alisha aka HUGE CELTICS FAN

  98. Liam says:

    Danny Ainge is not on Crack. He's a wholesome Mormon Boy.

  99. Anonymous says:

    rondo is a future hall of fame.. dont move him..

  100. Anonymous says:

    you dont wanna trade a great player like rondo.. ainge, please see this..


  101. Anonymous says:

    not sure? This is the dumbest move I have ever heard of.The fans want Rondo not Chris Paul for ! season and lose 2 first round picks and Green which cost us our starting center K. Perkins.Danny needs to be fired,I cant believe Celtic ownership would even entertain such foolishness.If this happens the fan base will not support the team,Alot of us had trouble supporting Danny after his Perkins trade that was awful for the intrest of this team.

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