Remember earlier this Summer when some idiot on ESPN claimed Rajon Rondo was the most overrated point guard in the NBA? Well they're at it again. Check out Spencer Percy's thoughts below from an ESPN article written today.

Someone please remind Percy who the Celtics starting center was in 2008. Also remind him how the Celtics were up 3-2 to the Lakers in 2010 before Perk went down. In fact during the Big 3 era the Celtics from the Eastern Conference Semifinals on are now 1-8 in games Perk has been out. He missed a game in the 2008 Finals and they lost. In 2010, they lost the Orlando game where the idiot ref threw him out in the 1st half, because the ref forgot Perk had already picked up a cheap technical. The C's got blown out in Gm 6 of the Finals after Perk's knee injury and then got killed on the boards in Gm 7 and lost without him.

Then this year the C's lost in 5 games to the Heat, who bullied the Celtics around. Perk meanwhile was back in the Conference Finals. Only 4 Celtics have averaged 12 points and 12 rebounds a game in a playoffs in the history of the team. Russell, Cowens, Bird and Perkins in 2009 (when the C's would have made the Eastern Conference Finals at least if Rashard Lewis had been busted for HGH a few months earlier).

I understand that there are Perk haters out there, but you're ESPN. Fact check shit before you put it up. Of course a team can win a title with Perkins as their starting center. they already have.

JR 8/29/2011 11:06:00 PM Edit
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  1. DH says:

    Does he even realize that the Celtics won in 2008 with Perk as their starting center?

  2. tb727 says:

    To answer the question, no they have no writing standards. ESPN was great when it wasn't popular or mainstream. Now its head is too big and they just don't care anymore what they put out.

    I believe this transition coincided with when they were allowed to televise NBA games. I feel when they didn't show NBA games, they longed for it, so they had quality stuff about the NBA. For example NBA Today on Tuesdays at 5 eastern was a terrific show back in the day.

    Anyways they suck and I never visit their website or watch any of their shows.

  3. Was that idiot sleeping through the fact that Perk already won a championship as a starting center?

    I'd say that ESPN is the most overrated sports service going. They have very few standards for their writers. Obviously intelligence isn't one of them.

  4. ┌П┐(-_-)┌П┐ to espn. they all can go eat giraffe shit.

    I made this pic a while back for QD. It came in handy here.

  5. tb727 says:

    Giraffe shit LMAO!

  6. "Most overrated player in the league" my ass... Perk would make just about any team better, especially one that already has plenty of scoring threats away from the center position like Boston and OKC.

    If the lockout ever ends, I think Durant and the Thunder could be the team to watch out for this year, and Perk's physical play would be a huge factor.

  7. Liam says:

    This answer in the next question made me laugh

    Spencer Percy, Queen City Hoops: Fiction, but I say that reluctantly. I really believe this team is ready to win the West, but the center position bothers me. For an organization that drafted so well and built this team essentially from the ground up, I'll always be baffled about the trade for Perkins.

    Perkins let Ibaka move to the four...
    Perkins brings toughness and experience to their young team
    Perkins is a legit center who can lock down most players
    I can go on...

  8. Three Toe says:

    yea that's interesting. Maybe I'll apply for a job writing for ESPN, apparently they don't bother finding out if the people they're hiring understand sports. My first article will be about how the Lakers will never make the ice-fishing finals if they rest Joe Biden in the upcoming series against a boxfan I bought at Target.

  9. And that would be one of their lead articles Three Toe. And probably one of their most factual LOL

  10. Jenda says:

    Well, I'd actually side with Stein on the issue of Perk's knees, he seemed to be even slower than before. But if he gets like a little KG thing going, who was better last year than the year before, I think OKC won't be stopped in the west.

  11. DH says:

    I think Perk's presence also helped OKC get to the Western Conference Finals. I a not sure OKC would have gotten thus far without having a strong, experienced veteran as their center.

    If the trade didn't happed, could you see OKC making the WCF with Krstic and Jeff Green in their starting line-up as opposed to Perk and Ibaka?

  12. DH says:

    PS I looked up DragQueen City Hoops which is the name of the blog that Spencer Percy writes for: http://queencityhoops.com He blogs about the Bobcats. No wonder he doesn't know much about winning championships.

  13. Joost says:

    I am not so sure he is wrong here. Perkins has certainly defensive skills but offensively he doesn't do much for you. The thing is, the combination with Garnett was brilliant. They complemented each other, the chemistry was there. That is something Perkins will not have in OKC.
    I have seen some of the games of OKC after the trade and I thought Perkins played these games anonymously.

    Don't misunderstand me, I loved him when he was in green. His game worked for Boston and I would probably not even have traded him for Dwight Howard simply because I believe in chemistry (look at Miami). But now that he is in a different environment his flaws will become more visible.

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