If Rondo's "overrated," then what the hell is Mo Williams?
Saw this on ESPN Boston, but it's originally from an ESPN article from yesterday where the question was asked, "Who's the most overrated point guard in the NBA?" This dodo bird Jovan Buha from ClipperBlog responded:
Rajon Rondo. Though he's one of the league's elite passers and defenders, Rondo's inability to develop a reliable jump shot, improve his free throw shooting or consistently attack the rim has hindered his claim as "the best point guard in the NBA." Put kindly, he is an offensive liability and overvalued by fans.

If you want to say Rondo's not the best in the league that's fine. But most overrated? Please. I really don't want to go into all the reasons why this is an asinine statement (I'll let you fill in the blanks in the comments ), but I checked out ClipperBlog and all I can say is why would ESPN value their opinion? Who even knew the Clippers had a fan blog? The name sucks, the logo sucks, but most importantly your team sucks. You just traded the #1 pick in the draft for Mo Williams. Mo Williams is about as overrated as it gets. Criminal charges should still be brought against the NBA for "overrating" his LeBron sidekick abilities and naming him to an all-star team. All-star? Please (again). It's debatable if he's even starter material.

Rondo's a definite top 5 point guard in the league and depending on what you want most out of your point guard, he could even be considered the league's best. You call him an "offensive liability" when if he hadn't been injured he would have led the league in assists. That means he creates the most offense. And as  you saw in past playoffs, if he wants to score, he can give you 20. He simply knows that his first, second, and third goals are making sure Paul, KG, and Ray get their shots. ClipperBlog, you'd love to have a top 5 point guard like Rondo. Maybe then Blake Griffin wouldn't leave in a couple years. Talk about Gary Grant or Pooh Richardson next time. You don't know Rondo's game.

JR 7/26/2011 04:52:00 AM Edit
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  1. Gigi says:

    he think's he's overrated cause he's got more fans than all the clippers fan put together. but yeah, rondo had to work on shooting skills, and his fans know that.

  2. wordaapp says:

    Great rebuttal junior. Ill match your opinions. The accusation here is pretty funny due to its contradiction. That is mo williams being overrated.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    laker fans still mad after getting swept..^

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can't attack the rim??? Please, where else does he get his points? He averaged 13 points last season. Don't tell me he can't score.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I'm a big C's fan. . .but Rondo's game is whack. His inability to knock down J's makes him a liability at the end of games. As the Big 3 ages, its worrying to know that Rondo is what the C's future is, at this point. He relies completely on his athleticism, which is fine now but will decline in coming years. If you put ANY of the 'elite' PGs in the NBA on the C's, they would win the championship, hands down. Rondo is who he is because of the offensive weapons that he has surrounding him. Put Rondo on the Hornets and see how he fares. . . .

  7. JR says:

    Last Anon,
    Rondo would average 20ppg on the Hornets. Also how is Rondo's game relied "completely on his athleticism?" He's one of the best passers in the game, and that skill doesn't fade. It's why old guys like Jason Kidd and Nash are still good and guys like Brad Miller are still in the league.

  8. Who claimed that Rondo was the best point guard in the league? I think he's probably the 4th or 5th but he is definitely not overrated. Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Steve Nash, Deron Williams are the only guys I'd take over him. Maybe not Nash at this point in his career. Does need to improve his free throws though.

  9. PBB says:

    Lol @the anon 'laker fan'. Top 7 or 8? Wow. He can't play D? Ha! Your comment doesn't make much logical sense.

    Scoring DOES NOT mean 'ability to shoot the ball'. Some people fail to realize that.

    I don't think Rondo is overrated. He gets praise for the things he does well. And I don't want to sound like a homer, but Rondo is EASILY a top 3 or 4 POINT GUARD (P O I N T . G U A R D) in the league - and NO, ROSE IS NOT CONSIDERED TOP 1 or 2. At least not at this point in his career - where all he does is dunk and shoot (too many) jumpers. (Not a Rose hater. I actually like Rose, but I don't like his hype (all of the things that people claim he is now that he has won the MVP award)).

    My Case: Rested

  10. tb727 says:

    Love the caption lol. John Legend blows....

  11. Liam says:

    Rondo is the best point guard in the NBA. He is not the best player out of the players who play point guard but what a point guard is and what one should do, he is.

  12. Anonymous says:

    ^^^yep exactly liam...... but to anyone who thinks rondo is even the least bit OVERRATED:::: you are an idiot my friend... just plain and simple... you're a dumbassssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. kibitzer says:

    If Rondo's overrated then what the hell is Allen Iverson? Wait... who?...

  14. Anonymous says:

    smh Rondo overrated, then Westbrick is top point guard



  15. QD says:

    Pish posh!

    "the name sucks, the logo sucks, but most importantly, your team sucks." <---- This, LOL! Everything else too JR, but mostly that. =)

  16. coco says:

    how can Rondo have no D? How could he be on the first All Defensive first team if he didn't have D?

  17. Anonymous says:

    U guys are crazy n must be alotta boston fans. CP3, Dwill, D rose, Westbrook, Nash, Lebron (he plays pg pretty much), chauncey, ty lawson, steph curry, Kidd, Jwall, Jameer Nelson, Tony Parker, and Devin harris are all better pg's. If ur on the celtics who have enough talent to play 4 on 5 on offense, then rondo is perfect. Put rondo on a team that doesnt have 3 or 4 HOF's and hes a dud. Teams like the twolvs, kings, etc CAN NOT play offense when a team can give there pg 15 footers all game long. If u dont beleive me, just watch n see how he does when hes not on a top 2 or 3 team in the league.

  18. tb727 says:

    Wow last anonymous: Devin Harris? Jameer Nelson? Steph Curry? What planet do you live on?

    Why not just say Mo Williams and Raymond Felton too lol

  19. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous above you must be high on some bullshit
    CP3 (needs more defense), Dwill (needs more defense), Nash (needs more defense), and Kidd make the list
    Tony Parker and Billups are second sets

    D Rose: ball hogging lost the playoffs to the Heat, MVP is a curse, nice dunks tho
    Westbrick: went 7-22 ball hogging, not passing the ball to the Best player on the team aka KEVIN DURANT, lost to playoffs to the Mavs
    Devin Harris: who?
    John Wall: comparing him to Rondo, you've lost ya mind son, maybe up and coming
    Jameer Nelson: alright man that joke was hilarious, die by the 3, don't live by it
    Ty Lawson: SMH, up and coming maybe, in a long way
    Steph Curry: just because your dad was in the NBA doesnt mean you'll be a pro, good shooter tho

    my personal definition of a point guard is:
    -being the engine of the team, as he goes, they go (RONDO, CP3, DWill)
    -excellent passer, over the top court vision (RONDO, CP3, DWill, Nash, Kidd)
    -must have full, half court defense and pressure (RONDO, Parker? (maybe))
    -coach must trust you, teammates even more (RONDO, CP3? Parker?)

    idk if you've been watching basketball man


  20. taiwan_Celtics says:

    people complaining about how Rondo is overrated because he got his assists from scoring of the 3 HOFs, while they are below average finishers.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Rondo's lack of jump shot is, at the very least, a serious offensive liability.

    More disturbing, however, is how petulant he was after the Perkins trade.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I'm a Celtics fan and agree Rondo needs to improve his shooting, and needs to attack the basket more often. But hs problems are known, and Doc should do a better job working around them. But, overrated? I say no. What about all these guys who play the point and dont have any passing skills, and just chuck it every chance they get? Attack them, dont attack a point guard who is always at or near the top in assists,who seems to have superhuman court vision, and has a 0.486 FG %. I think the big issue is his lack of consitency when it comes to playing, some nights you forget he is on the court, other nights he takes over and has you wondering why dont you do this more often. Rondo is great and I wouldnt want anyone else in his place. He could carry the Celtics if he ever decided to

  23. Anonymous says:

    Why not say Westbrook is overrated he averaged fewer assists per game and has a .421 fg% compared to Rondo's .486 fg%. Rondo averaged a double double last season I will take a guy like that any day

  24. Anonymous says:

    Rondo is overrated, the anon poster who said put him on the hornets and see how he does is 100% correct. Rondo is probably the next version of toine as in he's shipped off in a few more years after spending most of his career here.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Assist leaders
    Nash 11.4
    Rondo 11.2

    Chris Paul 2.35
    Rondo 2.25

    He averaged a double double acording to espn. Come on who is this guy kidding? Overrated, really?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Im the anonymous who said dharris Tony Parker etc etc.. They are all IMO better then rondo. Put ANY of the names I mention on ANY team in the NBA n they will still produce. Rondo shoots worse then a center. He is a top notch passer n knows how to steal, but even though it's PG u need to be able to score to be top notch. D league players can stop rondo from scoring. W/o the hall of Famers rondos assists would diminish. Celtics front office kno that when the HOF's go rondos value will extremely decline which is why they will trade him. D Harris or even Raymond f'in Felton will get their numbers on the worst or best team in the league. I don't think rondo culd get 10 n 10 if u take him off a playoff team

  27. tb727 says:

    Listen Jovan Buah, Raymond Felton is overrated. Mo Williams is overrated. So is Devin Harris. Rondo for the most part, isn't. He's not the best point guard in the league in my opinion, more like a top 5. But I don't feel many people consider him the best.

  28. tb727 says:

    Last Anonymous I MIGHT be able to give you Tony Parker, but Harris and Felton? Come on you're better than that!

  29. lol Some of you people are crazy. You say all of those players are 'a better PG than Rondo' why? Cause they score more than they assist?

    I think i should get this point across to the dumbasses that think PGs main 'thing' is supposed to being scoring the ball - POINT GUARDS PASS. POINT GUARDS DISH OUT ASSISTS. POINT GUARDS ARE THE PLAY MAKERS. PGs dont NEED TO SCORE! I dont understand why you people are trying to bash Rondo JUST BECAUSE he isnt a good shooter. Is he the BEST PG? NO! Is he Top 5? Absolutely. Top 3 even. IMO, Chris Paul is the MOST COMPLETE P-O-I-N-T G-U-A-R-D IN THE NBA. Then there also is Deron Williams, and even Steve Nash (even at his age, he still is capable of putting up 17/18ppg and 10/11apg.) My point being, dont compare Rondo to scrubs like Mo Williams, Felton, Jameer Nelson, etc.

    And to you people saying 'Rondo will suck on a bad team' - (for example) Chris Paul avg nearly a double double - he is on a sub par team. Suns' Nash avg a double double on a team that didnt even make the PO's. Deron Williams also avg a double double for the Nets. -- ALL BAD TEAMS W/ALL STAR CALIBER PGS PUTTING UP GOOD NUMBERS. So why cant Rondo do it? SHOOTING ISNT THE ONLY WAY TO SCORE.

    Is Rondo overrated? No

    Is he is the Best? No

    And to the dumbass that said Rondo isnt a good defensive player - why was he one of the top vote getters for DPoY? Why has he been among the league leaders in steals? -_-


  30. Rondo is clearing NOT the best point guard...but point guards aren't the shooting guards. They dont get to shoot the ball as much as the shooting guard. And as everyone said...PG's only should assist, play call, pass, and be able to know where everyone is at at all times, and also tell people where they should be...which Rondo does...so quit picking on the little guy. He has made the defensive team and also he must be somewhat good that he has made the All-Star team..imagine Steve Nash making it..never gonna happen.. so obviously he plays defensive and obviously he is good to make the All-Star team! And he doesnt have to get his jumpshot right now anyway since he has the Big 3..once they move on i'm sure he will figure out that he has to work on that and i'm sure he will work on it but seriously he specializes in passing and he puts up great numbers so quit giving him a bunch of shit to worry about if he is putting up great numbers let him continue doing it...THANKS

  31. ms.ball says:

    Wow this is just krazy talk. Rondo is far from bring overrated. I know Rondo is a top pg in the league. He does more for our team then any other pg out there. His 1st priority is to get the big three involved. He sets them up very well. He rebounds, for those who don't follow the c's regularly there's been plenty of games where he was the top rebounder for the game. And when the big three can't get going, he take over and scores. He's the most complete pg in the game. He can score, pass, rebound and defend. Guys like Harris, Felton, Williams don't belong in the same sentence with Rajon. What a joke! Rondo is the engine that makes the Celtics run, he's our most important player.
    Yes he needs to work on his jumper and free throws but the have gotten better.

  32. Anonymous says:

    lakers and cavs fans remember when he CRUSHED the Cavs and Lakers when the C's won it all in 08'.

    Rondo was MVP of the entire playoffs.
    Best passer, one of the best on the fast break. Best defensive PG in the NBA.
    Shooting is over 50% which most don't realize or acknowledge because it suits their arguments against him.
    His free throw shooting is his major downfall, and he needs to get it up over 70%.
    His extended jump shot does need to improve so he can execute pick and rolls with guys like Dwight Howard or Marc Gasol- should the C's get their hands on a big man like this in the near future.
    Overrated? No effing way!
    top 3 to 4 PG in the league. I'd take Deron Williams and Chris Paul ahead of him. D Rose isn't a PG, he's a shooting guard in a PG's body. If the Bulls get a decent SG then Rose' points go way down but his assists may increase dramatically- hard to tell until it happens.
    Imagine how good the Lakers would be with Rondo lobbing the ball to Gasol and Bynum instead of that old chump derrek Fisher- or the Magic with Rondo instead of Jameer feeding Howard for the past 5 years.

  33. Gigi says:

    LOL to the anonymous who said "U guys are crazy n must be alotta boston fans". This is a Boston celtics Blog after all. You must be a Clippers fan. :P

  34. QD says:

    A lot of comments, 33 and pushing... well now 34. I scanned through some of the comments, and some are just clear hate for RR. It's ok to say he's not the best, but to blatantly ignore a very talented bball player is kinda foolish, and ignorant. It also shows what era we're in and how ppl think scoring is everything. Take scoring, dunking, or a little flashiness away from a lot of the other pg's named and what do you have. Not much. A lot of points only gets you so far... oh as far as the person that named LBJ, seriously, I mean seriously?

  35. Anonymous says:

    Not only is Rondo an extremely poor shooter, but he's a selfish player. He only passes the ball because he CAN'T SHOOT.

    His effort to rack up assists is an overcompensation for the fact that he has extreme difficulty scoring. His obsession with gunning for triple-doubles, in a further effort to mask his inadequacies, cost the Celtics several games (8-10) last year.

    If Boston had a decent PG they would have gotten the #1 seed in the East. Who knows what they could have done in that scenario. Boston will never win with Rondo. As the big three age, it's getting harder and harder to win in spite of Rondo's idiocy.

  36. QD says:

    "Not only is Rondo an extremely poor shooter, but he's a selfish player. He only passes the ball because he CAN'T SHOOT."

    I'm sorry, and I don't like being rude. But that is some of the the stupidest shit that I've ever read in my life. He passes so much because he's a PG.

    Point guard (PG), also called the PLAY MAKER or "the BALL-HANDLER", is one of the standard positions in a regulation basketball game. A point guard has perhaps the most specialized role of any position – essentially, he is expected to run the team's offense by CONTROLLING THE BALL AND MAKING SURE THAT IT GETS TO THE RIGHT PLAYERS AT THE RIGHT TIME. Above all, the point guard must totally understand and accept his or her coach's game plan; in this way, the position can be compared to a QUARTERBACK in American football.... what does a qback do... pass the friggin ball.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Why are so many of you falling for these trolls?

  38. Anonymous says:

    STOP IT with the if Rondo was on another team, he wouldn't function well. I bet if you put Rondo on the Thunder, Knicks, Trailblazers, Hawks or Grizzlies, he would up his game to the next level. Someone mentioned the T-Wolves? Come on dun! Are you serious? Anybody and everybody will fail on that team. Ask KG....

  39. Anonymous says:

    Rondo passes up a lot of wide open shots because he can't shoot. He is a huge liability on offense. Defense can just play 5-on-4. So... Rondo gets 10+ assists per game. Wow. Shocking. What else you expect him to do?

    He was the worst player on both rosters in the Miami series. His wretched, WRETCHED performance is conveniently forgotten because of a few good minutes in Game 3 after a freak arm injury during Boston's lone win. Watch the game again. Rondo was stupefyingly awful. The injury was the best thing that could have happened to him.

  40. Anonymous says:

    About time Rondo is exposed as the most overrated PG in the league. Look, Boston fans over exaggerate his importance and talk up his intangibles (vision, IQ), heck even NBA 2K11 bombarded him with this stuff (highest IQ in the NBA? Over Bryant? Kidd? Nash?) Now, I don't want wish to start a flame war but come on, hes' not even the smartest bloke on the team (Think Garnett, Pierce and Allen).

    Now bear with me, I still think Rondo is in the top 5 (for now) but to suggest that his game is more polished than that of the obvious big 3 (Paul, Williams and Rose) is far reaching. Now you could make the case that he is the 4th best PG, and perhaps he is, but when you consider how important Westbrook is to his team (despite heavy critisms in the P/O against Dallas), the creative genius of Nash (and I'm going to contradict myself a bit here... another fellow who I think is overrated due to his non-existance defence/rebounding skills). Rondo is important to the current Celtics team but how can he evolve his game without the big 3 around him to bail him out offensively? Without a decent jumper or FT skills, Rondo will be hard pressed to score at all.. given that teams may well continue to play zone against him, and/or employ Hack-A-Rondo.

    Over time, Rondo's speed and atheletism will dimish (easily before he's 28) and his lack of a jumper could well force him into a backup role unless Boston miraculously discovers another trio of jumpers (Pierce, Allen and arguably Garnett). It's also conceivable that the likes of Westbrook, John Wall, Steph Curry and perhaps Kyrie Irving (?) will leap frog him very quickly within the next 1-3 years.

    It will be an interesting journey for both Rondo and us fans.


  41. ms.ball says:

    For those of you who think D-Rose and Williams is better then Rondo please tell me how? Let's be fo real here. D-Rose is a great star, but he doesn't get his players involved enough. He would rather take 20-25 shots a game. A true pg makes everyone around them better and Rose haven't gotten there yet. A true pg elevate their game come playoffs. Williams never does and He hardly plays any defense. Again Rondo is the total package, he does it all, but becuz he rather not shoot 15-20 shots and score 30 pts a game he's overrated? Please his bball iq alone puts him in the top 5. Then the ability to execute them on the floor makes him even better.

    If my memory serves me correctly, Jason Kidd was never a great shooter himself, but look at his career. I'm sure by the time Rondos speed and athletic skills are gone, he will have a well developed jumper. Smart players know how to adjust their game and work with what they have.
    Rondo = top 2 pg in the league. A healthy cp3 is the only one I would put over Rondo.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Rondo = Top 2 PG in the league? Come on... you're absolutely delusional. He's great, but let's be honest for a second: if he doesn't improve his free throws and/or jump shooting abilities, he's going to be a disaster after the Big 3. It's that simple guys. Forget about the whole overrated thing. If he doesn't get better as an all-around player, he's going to suck when the Big 3 are gone. He'll have a bunch of assists, but no Ws. And please stop saying Derrick Rose is overrated. That kid led his team better than anybody last year. He is only 22. 22! That's crazy. And he's made the playoffs with bad teams (except for last year) every single time since he got into the league.

  43. PBB says:

    Wow. A lot of you 'so-called-Celtics-fans' sure do sound like Laker fans. Just bashing one of your teams best players (just how Laker fans talk shit about Gasol).

    Look, some of you people are talking like you know it all.
    -NOBODY KNOWS how Rondo would play if he were moved to a below 500 and/or non-playoff team.
    -NOBODY KNOWS how far Rondos game will develop once Pierce, Allen, and Garnett retire.
    -NOBODY KNOWS when 'Rondo will lose his athleticism (the guy is' only 25) or 'when he will develop a consistent jumper (again, ONLY 25! He has lots of time to work for a consistent jumper).'
    -NOBODY K-N-O-W-S anything that will come of Rondo in the future. Stop acting like you know everything, cause you don't. No one does.

    A lot of you people don't even know what a POINT GUARD is anymore. You all say 'Rondo IS overrated cause he doesn't have a jumper' (but in more words than that). A jump shot does not define how good a basketball player is!

    Look at Tony Parker for example - he never had the best jump shot, but he is a mulitple time NBA champ and Finals MVP. Jason Kidd didn't develop his jump shot until later in his career. Now he is 3rd all time in 3point fg made. My point being: whether Rondo develops a consistent jumper or not, he is still a fantastic player that I would take on my team ANY DAY.

    And to the person that was complaining about his 2k11 attributes-are you kidding me? That's a fucking video game. We are talking about REAL LIFE RAJON RONDO.

    -Rondo is a top notch defensive guard - much thanks to Garnett (I don't know why some of you are saying he doesn't have D - he was named to the All Defensive team multiple times). Led NBA in steals in 2010 too.
    -He is one of the best rebounding PGs. (He had 18 rebs in game 4 against the Cavs in the 2010 Playoffs)
    -He is probably the best passing PG (ehh, or 2nd to Nash).
    -(as we have all seen MANY TIMES) He can get thru a defense and score at the rim (where the mojority of his points come).

    So why is he overrated? Cause he can't shoot well (yet)?

  44. ms.ball says:

    First off no one said Derek was overrated, but he's not better then Rondo. He's only 22 well Rondo is on 25. 25!
    And I'm so sick of hearing Rondo without the big three would suck. Rondo is the youngest out of them, the team goes as he goes. The big three will tell you that.

    If he doesn't get better as an all around player? Now that's insane, you must be a Laker fan! Lol
    How can you say a all-star, 1st defensive player needs to improve his all around game? Get out here with that. Only thing he needs to improve is his free throws and his jump shot. Once he does that he unstoppable. And to say a guy (Irving) who hasn't even played one NBA game could be better then Rondo in 1-3 years is even more adsorb!!!!

  45. PBB says:

    There goes another anon saying he isn't good cause he can't shoot.

    Some NBA fans these days are just clueless about the game. Seriously.


  46. PBB says:

    Thank you ms. ball !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Anonymous says:

    "the team goes as he goes" is a terrifying thought when he slumps into his bitchy, on-the-court-but-not-really-there mode. Remember when we got outplayed by the Clippers at home in March?

    When the Clippers did it without Eric Gordon?

    When Mo "overrated" Williams dropped 28 on Rondo's amazing defense?

    Yeah. "Team goes as he goes" isn't exactly a positive thing when he's coasting.

  48. lol ^angry celti- i mean clippers fan.

    Williams scoring 28 means Rondo isnt a good defensive player? -__-

  49. ms.ball says:

    ^^ exactly! I'm not sure where he came up with that one. I guess Amare scoring 35 means KG is not a good defender? Lol

    And you don't want to start a remember when game. Remember when Rondo single handedly outplayed the Magic to take us to the finals? Remember when he had a triple dub againt the Spurs? Remember when he had 24 assits against the Knicks? Remember when he came back in game three after what could have been a season ending injury for most players? I can do this all day but I think you get the point.

  50. Anonymous says:

    rondos defence is really overated westbrook and rose lit him up for 30+ when the played i think its 1.paul 2.d-will 3.drose 4.steve nash 5.westbrook then rondo

  51. YGR says:

    fun fact: Rondo could get a triple double if he wanted to any day. how many point guards in the league can you say that about? NONE. Rondo CAN score, maybe not by chucking threes like Rose and Westbrick, but by attacking the rim getting easy layups. Rondo is a guaranteed 10+ (maybe even 15) assists when he is on his game, and he can rebound like a big man if necessary. Don't forget he'll get you 1-2 steals a night and can be a real pain in the ass on defense. and he has proved he can guard someone like Lebron, like he did last February. So Rondo may not be able to shoot, but he is NOT OVERRATED BY ANY MEANS.

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