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Jesse Dampolo 7/02/2011 12:13:00 PM Edit
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    Can't wait to see these two next season. Both have potential to be good in the NBA.

  2. YouGotRondo'd says:

    when exactly is next season PB? lol.....

  3. Anonymous says:

    is this a program that focus on a select few draftees or everyone? I've never seen it/heard of it being here in Australia....no offense to our rooks but they don't seem to be two dudes to have a doco focussed on....daaaamn this lockout I just want to see them in green lol

  4. JR says:

    Hey Nicholas, What does "doco focussed" mean? Are you saying they're not intense enough and more just nice guys? I think we saw with going from Perk to Jeff Green, that being nice on the basketball court is a downgrade from intense.

    I cautiously optimistic about the rooks.

  5. The Journey is a program on the Big Ten Network. They follow the teams through the basketball season, kind of like the 24/7 with the Winter Classic on HBO or Hard Knocks. They did 5 special episodes focusing on seniors that aired this past week.

  6. @yougotRondo'd - why the hell are you asking me like I know -__-

  7. Anonymous says:

    JR, sorry mate, what I mean is, they were'nt big name hopefuls, so I didn't understand/expect a draft documentary to be focused on them is all.....but that was certainly amazing to see!

    I understand your caution though.....

    Scott, thanks for the info :) I wish we had the coverage here in Australia like that.....haha

  8. QD says:

    The show was on Big 10 Network Jajuan was a Big 10 All American, both have great accolades in the Big 10 conf. They weren't high in the draft and Adam Morrison and Kwame Brown were. Check out those all stars... Oh wait.

  9. for 2 players who have played ball together for 8 plus years, and get along great, it is the best picks for the celtics since Paul in 98. And in 4 years with them and Rondo...its a intense team...

  10. Anonymous says:

    The look on E'Twaun's face when he hears Corey Joseph's name before his is priceless. I don't know what the Spurs were thinking. Joseph was not getting drafted at all, but I guess the Spurs saw something special in him because he will most likely be their backup to Tony Parker next year.

  11. Anonymous says:

    just sittin and wondering if we didn't draft Miki Moore?
    These guys have about as much chance as being deecentt players as I do Come on.

  12. QD says:

    They may have as about as much a chance as being deecentt players as you do, but I'm sure they have a great chance at being decent players.

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