Green Target: Marcin Gortat

We all know that the structure of the present and future of our team changed dramatically after last February's trade deadline. We have seen the effects of it despite the attempts of denying the fact that Kendrick Perkins was a vital part of our core. We found some cracks in the ubuntu spirit and we opened a wound for the present and the future at the center of the paint. With an aging Garnett and a retired Shaq, plus the signing of Krstic by CSKA Moscow our frontcourt looks thinner than ever. And yes, that was also a hint to the fact that Big Baby Davis may also leave town in the next weeks or months.

In a sense, some fans have tried to think that better times lie ahead for our center position and that in 2012 we will land Dwight Howard to start a new era after the ending of KG's contract. We have several options ahead, and as we have recently read, we may only have to wait until a full season lockout affects us. We would just make a bid for Dwight and end of the trouble. But just consider these facts:

1. Boston is not one of the favorite destinations for Howard. I guess you would have to go through this road to try and entice Dwight to sign for us. If you want to find a way to get him you will probably have to completely break the KG era in Boston. According to Ainge, this is not the way the C's are going to operate. In theory, you know...

2. Chandler will likely resign with the Mavs, Dalembert will get a big fat contract with Miami or New York and Nene will sign with a team that can offer him more than the $12 million he declined to earn from the Nuggs.

The rest of the free agent pool of centers include Kwame Brown, Eddy Curry and other busts so maybe it would be wise to figure out a deal for a center with a decent contract and good upside.

The logic says that the perfect candidate may be Marcin Gortat. We are going to talk about one of the most underrated players in the league. And wouldn't it be nice that we would try to get a player that has been training one on one for many seasons against Dwight? Life is that sweet.

Gortat is long (6-11), young (27) but with experience (4 NBA seasons). And no, he is not your prototype Euro player. He is tough, strong and athletic:

As Kyle Hightower of the Orlando Sentinel explains, Gortat was boasting to his teammates after practice recently that he could dunk from the free-throw lines. Hilarity (and the smashing of stereotypes) ensued:
Doubtful of his skills, Pietrus bet Gortat an unspecified sum that he could, drawing a full post-practice audience that included several barefoot players and even Coach Stan Van Gundy.

With a full-court run-up, the 6-11 Gortat successfully pulled off the dunk twice after the first one was disputed by Pietrus, who questioned his takeoff point.

Said Gortat, as he walked into the locker room mobbed by teammates: "I'll take my payment in Euros."

 But let me tell you something. It's not the fact that he knows every single move, word and tactic from Dwight that makes him a good candidate to become a Celtic. It is simply the fact that he is one of the best centers in the NBA right now. The guy can rebound, play D, block some shots and has a very good offensive arsenal as he has good hands and shoots well from mid range. Ah, and I forgot the main point: he is not expensive.

How the Celtics can get him:

Gortat has another two years of contract that will net him around $14 million. He has an extra season though an early termination option. I guess I don't have to tell you that it is a very reasonable contract for a very good center, a position that is extremely generously rewarded by GM's in the league. In order to trade for Marcin we would need to manage a sign and trade of Jeff Green or Glen Davis plus some draft pick or filler. The Suns have a recent history of trades and contacts with us in the past and it is a team still looking for a identity once Steve Nash retires. It would also be possible that we could do a bigger deal with them with some other pieces. In any case, wouldn't it be strange and at the same time possible that we would trade Perk to receive Gortat some months later?


Having a true center with offensive touch and defensive prowess without touching the Big 4 would be more than excellent for us. Gortat would fill a need and he could even start over JO. He is a very good player.

Personally I would love to see Gortat in Celtic Green and not only because it would make us a much better team. Living in Poland I would have all sorts of information, articles and even rumors about him.

What do you think? Should the Celtics sign Marcin Gortat?