Interbasket.net is reporting that Nenad Krstic has indeed signed with the Russian club CSKA Moscow.   As reported earlier in Bohemian's article, Krstic has been courted by several of the top European clubs.  He played in Russia 3 years ago and now is returning to that country to play.

He has agreed to a contract that will pay him 6 million euros over 2 years, which is approximately 8.75 million dollars.  Whether he was worried about the lockout, or maybe just didn't see any American clubs offering him that much money,  he decided not to wait around and see what he could get in the NBA next season. 

I'm sorry to see him go.  Now the Celtics really need to get serious about finding a big man because Jermaine O'Neal as their only big just isn't going to cut it.  I liked Krstic and had been hoping that Danny could bring him back, as he would have been nice coming off the bench.  But with Shaq's retirement and Big Baby's desire to find a club that he can start on, and now Krstic's exit, the Celtics are about as thin in the middle as you can get.  Have I mentioned lately how much I miss Perk?

FLCeltsFan 6/08/2011 10:33:00 PM Edit
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  1. QD says:

    Well I'll be!!! Too bad, I actually liked Krs.

    That football player with the knee brace is looking kinda good now, huh. Lol j/k

  2. LOL QD
    Kinda sucks that he is leaving.
    Time to snag one (or some) of the FA centers.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. JR says:

    Man, tough blow to the Celtics. And he didn't even get too much money, but I guess the guaranteed money is better then possibly nothing (if there is a NBA lockout).

    And we had a Serbian poster comment earlier today on here that Krstic is a hero in Serbia and it was really tough for him to get no playing time in the playoffs.

    Major props to Bohemian and now FL for being the first people to report all this Krstic news.

  5. rich says:

    Two words : deandre jordan

  6. shelbyl says:

    Ainge hoped that JO and Shaq would return to save the season, and then he would rebuild around whoever is left in the middle. We lost the season since Shaq couldn't return, he retired (to top that), and now Krstic has left.

    So now the Perk trade looks really really really shitty. I think I actually feel sorry about Ainge at this point.

  7. Bohemian says:

    Wow, I expected this but not to fast! He didn't even wait for the month to finish to agree with another team.

    We really have a problem in the middle now. A year ago we proudly presented Perk, Shaq, JO and Erden as our bigs and it was really scary on paper. Less than a year after we only have JO and no one else out there.

    What does Danny say now? You trade your starting center and you rely on two centers who by that time were injured...then you bring a talented center and you let him go (Krstic).

    I don't get what Ainge is thinking, really.

    By the way...best of luck Nenad. It was a short but nice time in Boston.

  8. Bohemian says:


    Jordan is a restricted free agent. We have our chances but if the Clippers act normally then they have all the power to keep him

  9. Anonymous says:

    I know Yao wants to stay in Houston... but his playing days are numbered and it doesn't look like they're going to be "championship" ready anytime soon. (new coach, new direction, passed the yao ming era). I know it's a MAJOR risk but if he were to head to Boston to eek out whatever juice he has left I think it would be enough to make the C's a contender. He is basically a taller Perk that's still an offensive threat. Just thinking out loud. Probably never gonna happen. heh

  10. williejah says:

    I'm really sad to see him go. I thought we could've used his outside shoot better, and I'm certain that his defense would have gone way better if he had spent a training camp with C's.
    Yeah, it was kinda odd for us, Serbian C's fans, to see him sit out almost all of the playoffs, since he's our national team captain, and I strongly believe he has the talent, but I'm glad he was able to respond in Game 5 of the finals, scoring some could-have-been important points.
    The fact that he scored our last point this season is kinda amusing, too. lol
    I really wanted to see a Serbian guy in Celtics uniform, and it was great while it lasted. CSKA is always a contender in Euroleague, and Krstic can only make them better.
    I'm of one of those here who think that this turned out to be the worst case scenario of what Danny was probably planning. Sad for him. :( However, I believe he'll be able to do something magical. lol but, please, no more injury prone veterans. I love Shaq, his personality, I even think his skills were good enough, but his playing time last season was disappointing.

  11. Anonymous says:

    supposedly it hasnt been reached yet:


  12. Williejah, I think that Krstic would have seen more minutes in the playoffs if he wasn't hurting. He had a bone bruise on both knees and was playing in pain. That also limited him somewhat when he played. I was really looking forward to seeing what he could do with a training camp with the team.

    Bohemian, you used Clippers and normally in the same sentence - ha ha ha - good one! You do realize that they are still owned by Donald Sterling, right?

    Anonymous - Thanks for the update that they are still in talks. Probably just some formalities but I'd love it if it fell through and Danny would make a move to re-sign him.

  13. Гале says:

    one of the best Sport sites in our country,reveals info that only in case of lock-out Krle will sign for some European team,also he sad that the Celtics organisation is the best system he ever played,and that he would like to stay in Boston for couple of years...Sorry for my bad English...
    Greetings from Serbia :)

  14. Louis Q. says:

    Celtics need either Greg Oden or DeAndre Jordan then we can win the championship next year

  15. Anonymous says:

    Kris is a piece of shit! And is horrible at basketball. i AM GLAD HE IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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