Another day, another Green Target. Today we revisit a player that the Celtics were rumored to be interested in about a year and a half ago. At that time, the rumor was a Ray for Monta swap. Monta's name has been in the headlines recently regarding talks with Philadelphia for Andre Iguodala. Could the Celtics revisit their interest in the explosive guard?

How the Celtics could get him: If Golden State doesn't want to be saddled by the long term contract of Iguodala, Jeff Green could be a cheaper alternative. Green seems to be a better fit for more of a running team and Western Conference style. If Green isn't enough, Boston also has assets with 3 first round picks in the next two drafts. Additionally if we acquired Monta, Avery Bradley becomes somewhat redundant and could also be packaged. Now if Golden State wants a star back for Ellis then Boston would be out of luck, but some combination of the above assets should get us to the bargaining table.

Pros and Cons after the jump.

Pros: Danny has liked Ellis, since he declared for the draft years ago. He would instantly solve Danny's #1 stated weakness of the Celtics that we go through offensive droughts. Rondo and Ellis would combine to become the most pestering backcourt in the league. Monta would allow the C's to move Ray to the bench and I could see Ray challenging for 6th man of the year. Ellis is one of the elite offensive players in the game. With a Rondo/Ellis backcourt moving forward the C's could look desirable to free agent bigs. Hypothetically (very hypothetically), If Dwight Howard becomes a free agent and looks at Boston in the future with Rondo and Green, I doubt he thinks that would be enough to get him a title. Howard (like KG) is a guy who needs someone else to be the man offensively, especially at the end of games. KG ended up with Pierce. Howard could have Monta. Monta, with Rondo, would make Boston more desirable for a marquee free agent.

Cons: Since I'm all for this deal it's hard for me to come up with too many cons, but it's possible that Monta and Pierce could butt heads over shots. Also while Ellis is always a leader in steals, his defense has never been considered good (Neither has Green's for that matter). One could say that in Boston, away from Golden State, and next to KG, Ellis would improve defensively, but it is an unknown. Lastly, I've heard arguments that Rondo and Ellis would be too small a backcourt. Not too many 2 guards left in the league who post up, so I don't think this would be a big issue. If anything, I think the Rondo/Monta backcourt would force other teams to have to go small to keep up.

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  1. Bohemian says:

    I am all for bringing Monta to the Celtics. He is quick and can score at will. We need a guy like him. And as you said, a combo of Rondo and Ellis would be lethal. Everything is good about this idea.

    The thing is, if you are a team that is struggling in the Western Conference you need to try and add some star to be able to get in the top 8 of the conference. Losing Ellis and adding Green wouldn't really make it. Maybe if we added Baby in an extended trade in which we would receive another player with a low contract in return (Admunson?). Or what if we just sign and trade Davis, with Bradley and some pick? :)

  2. Martinez Pizarro says:

    Ummmm..............Ray Allen coming off the bench?!?



  3. JdotD says:


    Too expensive for what he is. I'd prefer a JR Smith type, who has pretty much the same game, but is more athletic and a bunch cheaper.
    Monta is getting $11m a season, and we need Jeff Green to plug our depth problem at 3 and 4 if Baby goes, trading him isn't an option, and we have nobody else of trade value.
    JR Smith SHOULD go for quite a bit less than $11m a year, he's proven he can come off the bench and score, and his D isn't diabolical, which is Ellis' main problem and also another key reason why he wouldn't work here.
    And Rondo/Ellis backcourt will be exactly the same thing as a Curry/Ellis one. Can score the lights out but are too small to do anything for too long. Ellis is a 2 in a 1s body, he cant D 2s, but he's too selfish to play 1. He needs to come off the bench and score all he wants for some team, but $11m a year is too much for that here.

  4. JdotD says:

    And the stuff about Dwight looking here (which he isn't going to do, is a load of crap too). Do you think a guy who's been thrown in with aimless ageing scorers his entire life wants to see another chucker on his team like Ellis, or a guy for the future like Green.

    Ellis can post up, big deal. I'd like to see him do that against an average NBA 2 guard. Could he D Kobe or Wade in the playoffs. No. So we pass.
    KG and Boston make players better defensively... if they have the raw ability, size and athleticism to do it in the first place. Ellis has none of these.

    Trading for Ellis is trading away the culture in Boston which won us a championship.
    We need a scorer, but it isn't worth destroying our team for. We need a guy on the cheap and who is a ready made fit, that isn't Ellis by any stretch of the imagination.

    Ray should always start, and Ellis cant come off the bench for that money so he's of little use to us.

    Plenty of other fish (high scoring guards) in the sea.

  5. Anonymous says:

    STOP GETTING GUARDS! GET CENTERS AND MUSCLE IN THE PAINT. Rondo can play for 48 mins. per game.

  6. JdotD says:

    Rondo can't score though! He's a 15ppg guy at MAX in our current team. And in reality he's probably only good for 7 or 8 a game regularly.
    The guards we're looking for are (or should) be for the bench. A guy who can come in when the starters are tired or not scoring and light the other team up for 10 or 15 in a quarter. That's all we need. We can fill the middle up with bodies, as long as their big they will do, nobody that's available at the 5 can score reliably so we're forced to look at the guard spots for our production.

  7. Monta and JR Smith may be the same type of player but JR isn't even CLOSE to Monta.

  8. JdotD says:

    I dunno about Monta being leagues above JR..
    JR is a tonne more athletic, can dunk the ball at will (we need that, we have way too many below the rim guy) and he's better from 3pt range.
    Monta also turns the ball over a tonne more than JR, which is something we could really do without.
    Monta is great, but he doesn't average THAT many more points than JR, considering JR has always come off the bench and Monta is the #1 option on every team he's on and hes played loads more minutes.
    We only need 15ppg from a bench and JR would be a tonne cheaper that's why I think he's the better option

  9. @JdotD - "Monta is great, but he doesn't average THAT many more points than JR, "
    JR Smith avg 12 ppg. Monta avg 24 ppg.

    I agree that Smith is the more athletic player, but one thing is definitely for sure - Monta is FAR less streaky than Smith.
    Smith (streakiness wise) is kinda comparable to Nate Robinson.

    Anyways, I like the idea of Monta being a Celtic. He is a top 10 shooting guard in the league easily. He is a clutch player and can spread the floor on offense. His D is solid - could improve - and what place better than Boston would you go to, to improve your D?! lol
    I honestly dont think Doc would change the starting lineup though. (Ray being 2nd string SG)

    And - I would rather have Monta over B.Roy (who is also a Green Target) - and my reason is obvious - Health. Roy is definitely a good player, but his knees make me worry. I know Monta has also had knee issues, but he dosent miss as much time due to injuries.

    My favorites for a SG pickup this summer:
    Afflalo - Ellis - JR Smith - Roy - Crawford

    hopefully we can sign one of those guys.

    Afflalo should be the next Green Target! ;)

  10. "I honestly dont think Doc would change the starting lineup though. (Ray being 2nd string SG)"


    *WOULDN'T - not would

    phew..that was close

  11. JdotD says:

    Monta is 19ppg for his career, JR is 12, not that much difference considering how their careers have differed.
    JR had a down year this year, he's a 15ppg guy as shown by the previous two years, Monta is a 20-25 (ON STARTERS MINUTES). Given the cost and the minutes available I know who I'd prefer.
    JR being able to finish above the rim is a huge bonus for us too, we don't need any more guys who can't get up and finish. He can run with Rondo too.
    Imagine Rondo leading a half and half unit of Smith, Pierce, Green and KG when we needed a few buckets. Would be unstoppable!

    Monta's D is terrible too, he's not big enough to guard two guards.

    JR Smith isn't as streky as Nate, although I get the comparisons.
    JR's height and added athleticism adds what we were lacking with Nate. He can be streaky we just need a punch on offense as a load of our guys are content to just run sets until the shotclock expires.

    Afflalo is a great player but we don't need a defensive 2 guard, we need a scorer, which he isn't.

    Roy isn't moving anywhere, and on top of all of this, Monta is way too expensive! How are we supposed to get him?! There's no way Danny gives up Jeff Green, so who else is gonna go? Not Ray.

  12. nazzbo says:

    i am a big time montae ellis man. would take him in a new york minute. he can score- he's durable and don't worry, he can play d in doc's scheme. get him

  13. JdotD says:

    How do we get him? We have nothing to trade... And he flat out can't play D, especially against 2 guards, that's what like 80% of the problem in Golden State is.

  14. Anonymous says:

    why do people criticize rondo about not being a good shooter? he gets better every year plus he scores more like 20ppg and everything he does is in the paint just wait till his jump shot gets good.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Because he's an awful shooter.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Ray Allen, J O'Neal, Clippers 2012 1st round pick (probably 11-18), $3 Million for Ellis and Biedrins.

    That's how we'd get him...

    Gives them another top 11-20 pick in a very good draft next year and will net them a total of about $30 Million + in cap space for 2012. While also getting Jackson a few extra wins next year and gives him and ownership the flexibility to build the team they want.

    Gives us the AI type Ainge has coveted (and tried to get in the past) at a good price for 3 years along with a 7' center who has lost confidence in Golden State but has had some very productive seasons in the past.

    DO IT.


  17. JdotD says:

    Wow... just wow..
    Are you a GSW fan? How does that trade work for us in any way?! We're not in "Monta or bust" mode!
    Why don't we just trade Pierce and Rondo for Monta and Steph. What the hell man!
    Monta is NOT worth Ray.
    Biedrins is absolutely garbage, he's being benched in GSW, how is he going to get minutes here! O'Neal is a much better fit for us/
    AND a decent draft pick AND cash.
    You're nuts. Ellis is worth a sign and trade for a guy we don't need. He's a sixth man, you don't trade a starting hall of fame guard for an undersized gunner, what world are you from!

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