It hasn't even been a week since the Mavs won the title and here's how Vegas is breaking it out for next season:

  • Heat: 2-1
  • Bulls: 6-1
  • Mavs: 7-1
  • Thunder: 7-1
  • Lakers: 7-1
  • Celtics: 8-1
  • Spurs: 15-1
  • Magic: 20-1
  • Nuggets: 25-1

I recall after the Celts won in all in 2008, they did something similar, and the Lakers were odds-on-favorites to win it all in 2009 (which they did).

So because this is a Celtics blog, outside of the Celts, who is most likely to win it all next year?

tb727 6/15/2011 12:00:00 PM Edit
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  1. Keith Peckerhead says:

    Lakers with Dwight Howard.

  2. @Keith - i thought Dwight is gonna be a FA AFTER the 2012 season..?

    Anyway - i think it will be the Thunder and the Bulls -if the C's dont win. (i chose Bulls cause i can only pick one.) lol

  3. JR says:

    You should have had the Celtics as an option. I voted the Heat as most likely, but I agree that if the Lakers can move Bynum for Howard, then they'd be tough. Sucks that the two teams I dislike the most are the two favorites.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Being favorites dont mean anything who ever is playing the best when the playoffs come around will win the championship
    Ask the mavs

  5. SCAL-4-THREE! says:

    The Thunder are still really young, really talented, really explosive, and really still improving. They're going to be a powerhouse to watch out for next year, especially if Perk keeps getting mroe comfortable in his defensive role downlow next to I-block-a, and if they bring on even more talent this offseason. James Harden only recently became a bigtime contributer for OKC, and they could have won it all this year if Dirk and the Mavs hadn't played so damn well all postseason

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Knicks will win with Amare and Carmelo leading the way! First title since 73 baby!

    So I picked "other" and I think it's wild that you have the Magic and not the Knickerbockers!

  7. THE REAL Keith Peckerhead says:

    Yo why is someone using MY name??

  8. Lamar Scrotum says:

    It's a lame name. Why would someone else take it?

  9. Marcus Liberty says:


  10. THE REAL Keith Peckerhead says:

    Because THATS my screen name Lamar Scrotum! Homies need to get original!

  11. Lamar Scrotum says:

    Well then sign up for a google account HOMIE!

  12. Keith Peckerhead says:

    LOL at the Knicks. Knicks won't make it past the 2nd round. New York basketball SUCKS.

  13. tb727 says:

    Why should I have included the Celtics as an option? This is a Celtics blog and it's pretty certain how 90%+ of people would've voted. Fans tend not to have objectivity in online surveys.

    Now if the website was called "life.com" well then the Celtics would've been included.

  14. Jenda says:

    I voted for the Thunder. They're still young and getting better every year and then the thing TB said!

  15. Ralph says:

    i voted for Lakers. If the rumors is true that Dwight will be traded to Lakers. I think they definitely win a championship. It's just like in the past Kobe and Shaq duo. Now would be Kobe and Superman..

  16. Anonymous says:

    Shaq is the original " SUPERMAN " ...
    Celtics with Nene !

  17. QD says:

    I voted for the Mavs. Seems sensible to me, barring any injuries. Just about every player on the team contributed, and it's clear that that's what it takes to win. Don't see why they couldn't do it again.

    I don't think it's a question that I would choose the C's, but I don't see it happening if they don't make the right moves this off season.

    Go C's!!!

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