Green Target: DeShawn Stevenson

Half of the world is thinking about karma and LeBron, the comments made by Dwight Howard and the rumors around the draft and the end of the current CBA. Our biggest need is certainly the center position and we have been hearing word around the web that Oden may be handled an offer sheet from Portland and that Samuel Dalembert is a strong candidate for the Heat. They sound like logical moves in both cases. You also wonder about Tyson Chandler of course. But although Chandler would be the ideal partner in crime with KG next year you have to admit that it will be more than tough to grab him from the hands of Mark Cuban.

While our biggest need is a center and despite the fact that Chandler would be the perfect candidate (apart from Dwight) I would like to discuss the possibility of getting one of Tyson's teammates: DeShawn Stevenson. When I think of him a smile inevitably appears on my face. His whole altercation with LeBron since their feud at the Cleveland-Washington series three years ago started the battle and it added some zest to Miami's defeat a few days ago. Stevenson has been the voice that shouted the truth many fans already knew: that LeBron is overrated. James is nowhere close to Jordan. People need to stop with that. And actually, if LeChoke started looking at himself in the mirror he would recognize a fantastic player but not one of the best in the history of the game.

In a sense, it wasn't DeShawn shouting at was you and many other fans finally ecstatic to have shown the real side of James to the world and beaten the hype and the media myth.

Now, from the basketball point of view Stevenson is a strong shooting guard who can play some good D and provide a spark from the bench. He can also hit the outside shot and get some fast points. He would be a sensible upgrade over Von Wafer, don't you think? I am thinking that he could play the role Tony Allen had here. He is not that athletic but he can shoot much better and spread the floor. Somehow he is like a mix of Eddie House and Tony Allen. He can't shoot as well as Eddie did in his time here but he trash talks and hustles as much as he and Tony did.

Plus, you would add someone who has faced the Ego-King and defeated him. Someone who claims that his home is in LeBron's head deserves to wear green.

How the Celtics could get him:

The Mavs have a tough summer ahead in the offices since many of his players are free agents. It kind of reminds me of us in 2008. And you remember that with all the frenzy of resigning players we lost our glue from the bench, James Posey. The Mavs have a priority in the resigning of Tyson Chandler. They also have Barea and Butler among the main players that will test the free agent waters. At least one of them will leave, that's my guess. And my gut also tells me that if they extend Barea (huge in these Finals) and give another try to the talented Butler, they may not have the strength to keep DeShawn. I guess a portion of the MLE may be needed or maybe he would settle for the LLE. In other words: we have the tools to sign him


Well, he is very streaky. As all the hot blooded players, he rises and falls. He may be lethal one day and disappear in the next two. He is unpredictable and I wouldn't like him as a student in class, if you ask me...

What do you think? Should the Celtics sign DeShawn Stevenson?

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