I'm writing this from a Dunkin Donuts in Cape Cod. It truly is incredible how much better Dunkin's in Massachusetts are compared to Virginia. I may try to recruit some of their employees.

Anyway, with the Heat win last night we have Mavs-Heat in a 2006 Finals rematch. One thing I've learned over the years is it is important to be able to jump on a bandwagon temporarily. For example, I've jumped on the Mavs bandwagon all playoffs. I jumped on the Bulls bandwagon. Even though our beloved Celtics are out we can still care about these finals.

Lebron James has been clutch these playoffs and it makes me nauseous. He's still a prick though, and quite honestly, if you have Dwade and Lebron on your team and don't win the title it's pathetic. Anyway, Dirk has been a certified beast these playoffs. He's more clutch than Kobe ever was in the playoffs (and has a lot less help). He's virtually unguardable. How does one shoot like he does at 7 feet tall? I've grown to love the guy. If you don't root for the Mavs in the Finals you should hit yourself in the face. 

Quite frankly, the Bulls can't score enough to win a title. The Mavs are a much better team and Dirk is playing at a level we haven't seen from anyone since Dwade took control of the 2006 Finals.  I think the Mavs will take this in 6 and Lebron will be left crying once again. Go Mavs!

Karl Dillinger 5/27/2011 11:22:00 AM Edit
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  1. tb727 says:

    I'm going for the Mavs Karl but I do think Miami will win it. Having two of the top 3 players in basketball does that. And it's proving that having 3 Top 15 players can make up for a disastrous rest of the team. This Miami team 4-12, would probably be the weakest champion ever.

    This was the one year I felt Miami could be taken because of their horrendous supporting cast. Look for Riley to vastly improve the point guard spot as well as add a couple of big men.

    The blue print is set: Miami is a juggernaut and I expect them to make and likely win it all the next several years.

    Oh and Dunkin Donuts in NY are pretty good too, you should try them sometime.

  2. jpmag says:

    @tb I doubt they'll win it all in the next several years. Maybe 2, but no more than that. But u are right about the Heat's horrendous cast. But if u watch the Heat play Philly, Boston and Chicago; the Heat beat those teams mostly from the free-throw line.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Mavs will win seeing that Dirt Nowitzki is having the best playoffs I have some any player have since Jordan. His playoffs throughout the playoffs has been described as historic. The Mavericks are a bigger team then the Heat and 7 footer who shoots 3 pointers and mid-range jumpers and can also bang it inside definitely spreads the floor plus half of your team can shot 3 pointers, I can't possibly see how the heat are going to win this series. The Mavs actually have a bench that contributes unlike the heat bench. The Mavs have also played harder teams, vanquishing the defending champion lakers in a sweep and then beating memphis, and oklahoma city, two of the three best teams in the nba and they have had an extra day of rest. The Mavericks will win the series.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If the Heat win, it will be nonstop cockiness celebration, and we will never hear the end of it. With that being said


  5. Liam says:

    sad to say it, but heat win this

  6. Anonymous says:

    heat will definitely win, lebron is playing too well. i think taking out our celts have given him the extra bit of confidence needed to be that much better. he will be king once again, and it is coming very soon.

  7. Sad future ahead of us, TB...

  8. tb727 says:

    I agree Edu.

    I think this year's championship was Celtics-Heat. I really thought winner of that series would win it all, and I'll stand by it.

  9. dirtyundeese says:

    The mavs will take it in five.And the heat are too arugent and broke to add on to their team.Losing to the heat is the bast thing to happen for the celtics.Beacuse now the celtics have to strengthen thier bench giving the celtics a better chance to win next year.I still dont think lebron and miami are as good as everyone says they are.They get most of thier points on free throw.And with wade lebron and anthony on the floor thier is not much spacing meaning you can pack in the paint.Dalls will destory them.And when the cetlics grab more shooters and a big man the celtics will beat miami next year.

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