Jackie MacMullan on WEEI this morning hinted that she was wondering if KG would be back next season.

Jackie Mac:

It's just a gut feeling and I may be totally wrong. I'm not basing this on any reporting or anything. Other than him just disappearing into the night after the final game. I do know this: that earlier in the year i was talking to Celtics people, they were joking that KG almost had this championship in the bank and he was fretting about next year because the f****** NBA was going to mess up the lockout year and that was going to screw them up. He knows his clock is ticking, he's very aware of it. A lot of cryptic comments during the season about his health and that no ones healthy, he's not healthy. The the one thing was a comment he made at the All-Star Game, where he said 'If this is my last time here...' and i thought boy that's odd.
Jackie then followed it up by saying she could be completely wrong on this, but said that KG took the loss to Miami worse than anyone. KG is the type of player that is so competitive that he might not want to come back if he can't be the player he once was.

Jesse Dampolo 5/19/2011 01:24:00 PM Edit
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  1. Lots of love for the GREAT Kevin Garnett and Happy Birthday man!!!

  2. Anysa says:

    KG can't retire!! !He's the reason I become a Celtics fan! He is the most passionate player in the NBA and they would lose someone great way too soon!

  3. .chuckT. says:

    Oh my God....what the hell.
    Kevin please dont retire.
    You have another good 2years at least.
    Fight for another ring.

  4. Jenda says:

    He talked about retiring if there's a lockout, I think.

  5. I've had the feeling that KG's mind and passion are constant yet his body cannot consistently accommodate half that very high passion across a regular and post season any longer.

    If there is a lockout he may not be back. That has been a reality in my mind all year. I hope he finds that hot tub time machine but the man has gone hard for a long, long time.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Don't think he's going. He would do that if this team went in rebuild mode.

  7. Anonymous says:

    @belvic2: we need YOU MAN!!! ❤♣ @CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. speckles says:

    He's cooked, a shell of his former self. Sure that's still good enough for 14-8 per night, but he's not Grant Long, he's Kevin fucking Garnett and that don't fly.

    Peace KG, thanks for making basketball relevant in Beantown again.

  9. JR says:

    KG is FAR from cooked. He can't play 40 mins a game, but if you keep his minutes in check, he's still want of the best PF's in the game. Add in the fact that he makes others around him up their defensive games and the idea that he's done is laughable.

  10. KG still has a lot left, at least 2 more years at a bordeline all star level. He was runner up for defensive player of the year this year. Hopefully he comes back.

  11. Anonymous says:

    She said the same things a month or so back (during regular season) when she was on Bill Simmons' podcast - she just had a feeling from being around him that he was going to retire.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Kevin Garnett, I wish you a happy birthday man

    Honestly I don't know what to think

    If KG stays, one of the best PF returns, Defensive presence will return, one of the core group will return.
    Can he still play 30+ mn as a starter at 35? i don't know. Will he be able to stay healthy and in check (not too tired) with other PF in the East like Amar'e, Carlos Boozer and Bitch Bosh? (KG def owns Bitch Bosh)

    Personally I don't want him to retire with only one ring

    But i've heard others say let the big 3 retire together so we can have more money to get other young players to play with Rondo and Green
    I've heard people say bench the big 3 and let them play in the 4th quarter (at key moments of the game) so experience can win

    Honestly I'm anxious and impatient to see who Danny Ainge is going to keep and sign, and who Doc's going to start

    I want the Big 3 to stay and win another championship
    They need to retire with 2 rings. That's my wish

    What do you guys think??


  13. tb727 says:

    Ha that's awesome Grant Long reference Speckles, but KG's 14-8 is better than Long's 14-8 ever was. I agree with JR, if his minutes are limited (like 26-28 a night during the regular season) and not exceeding 32 in the playoffs, I feel he can make that much of a difference.

  14. tb727 says:

    Besides look how long Kareem played for, and they have similar body-types...

  15. QD says:

    COOKED!?!?! No words... As far as his comments at the All Star Game, "If this is my last time here"... it could just have easily meant that he feels he may not get voted in next season. Why would you jump to the conclusion that it means, "retirement".

    "It's just a gut feeling and I may be totally wrong. I'm not basing this on any reporting or anything."

    That comment there makes me think that Ms. MacMullan had a slow news day and figured the mentioning of KG's retirement would pull in views... aaaand VOILA!!!

    Or, I could just be in complete denial about KG's retirement, but I doubt it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    this coming from Jackie MacMullan makes it hard to believe.

  17. Are you saying Jackie MacMullan isn't reliable? Or are you saying that this is sad because it may be true?

  18. Anonymous says:

    First of all, Happy bday KG and 2ndly, please dont retire yet. Boston Celtics needs you. You still have what it takes to dominate. We are counting on you and the rest of the team to bring banner 18.

  19. bleu says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KG! As for me, i will not get tired of watching you play til your knees are too weak to jump and your body too worn out to move. Hope to see you back on the court next season & the seasons to come! :)

  20. Jenda says:

    Jackie MacMullan is definitely in my top 3 of most competent Celtic newscasters. Not that she has much of a competition with Gary Tanguay and Dan Shaughnessy. She is always behind the team and she isn't the one to turn against the C's when they're underperforming.

  21. Hilary says:

    Jackie Mac is as credible as anyone and more credible than most. She knows basketball, the NBA, the Celtics, and these players. Every time she writes a player profile, she gets information no one else ever got. (Something that probably wouldn't happen if she were in the habit of making stuff up for page views...)

    Here, she's admitting that she's speculating, but her speculations come from an amazing knowledge base.

  22. JR says:

    Yeah I'm a big Jackie Mac fan. I miss Mark Spears in Boston too.

  23. QD says:

    Ok, let's clear this up, I never said she made anything up for page views... (Yeah I feel like that comment was for me.) What I said is that it was a slow news day and mentioning something "so drastic"(in some peoples eyes), like KG's retirement would pull in views. Clearly it worked, reporters no matter how "credible" they are use that tactic all the time.

  24. JR says:

    QD i definitely wasn't responding to u. Your word need to be taken strongly. What's the phrase you used the other day? :) Some anonymous said that coming from Jackie Mac this is hard to believe. I think that's who people are responding to.

    And yes people do stuff to pull in page views. i know I do. lol. As long as it's not a made up story. Difference between lies and speculation.

  25. Hilary says:

    I was responding to this:

    "this coming from Jackie MacMullan makes it hard to believe."

    "Credible" means "believable," no?

  26. QD says:

    (Something that probably wouldn't happen if she were in the habit of making stuff up for PAGE VIEWS,<-----<

    Lol, JR, that's what I'm responding to. I just wanted to clear it up that I never said making things up. That mentioning his retirement on a site that many sports fans that adore KG read on a reg, would definitely catch the attention of many viewers. I'm sure that when people saw the title above (Kevin Garnett to Retire?). The logical parts of their brains didn't see the ?mark, more than likely they saw Kevin Garnett and Retire and instantly clicked the link.

    I also use shocking statements in my introductions when I'm doing speeches and papers for class. Not the same forum as a site like this, or other sports sites, but it works and it pulls in the A's instead of views, lol. But reporters, sports writers, etc do it all the time. Not saying it's a problem, just saying I don't panic and read too much into it...

    Now, I don't like all this seriousness... now transforming back into my silly, happy go lucky self. ShoutBox After Dark Mode.

  27. Jenda says:

    I was sort of responding to you QD but don't take it too bad, it's a slow news day and I should really be studying British history for tomorrow morning. lol
    And I miss Spears as well, he was cool.

  28. QD says:

    LOL, Jenda I know... Oh and I don't want anyone to think I'm the angry Sports Blog commenter. Just didn't want anyone to misunderstand what I was saying. I actually like Ms. MacMullen, and respect her hustle... now that I've harassed you all for a little bit. I'm going to go be productive for a little while, in my 3 Point King Tee. Lol, thanx again JR. Holla at you guys later.

  29. speckles says:

    3 more years? Who is he Satchell f*#$%^ng Paige? BE real peeps, it's a young man's game and KG's no longer "The Kid."

    It's painful watching mediocre forwards going around him on the constant. Have some dignity and hang em up!

    I loved KG more than any of you but retire with some dignity

  30. Beantown says:

    My gut says that he'll play out one more year, but who knows. I agree though, he's the type of player that will only play if he's 100% all in, he doesn't wanna be one of the guys that's out there just collecting a paycheck and taking the year off.

    Whatever happens, I'm proud that he was on the C's and won a title here in '08.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Well think about it from a business point of view. If he does indicate that he'd want to retire; we can either sign a free agent depending on how much cap money we have or we have a choice to move his contract for a team that wants to save money. I don't know what type of player we can get. KG makes 20mil and that's a lot of money coming off the books, so it might be wise to just stand still and suck for a whole season, in that manner we get a good chance to draft someone really good, and sign a decent if not great player. Whichever way it works out for the Celtis i believe.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Kg you dont need to retire they just need to cuts some mins off you will be great

  33. Rosalie says:

    Why say something like this when you know, with the boston basketball world starving for information, would jump on it the way it just has. Who is she to come to this conclusion?
    Slow day? I think you are right. Come on jackie, we expect more from you than this~! If there is a lock out until january, she may be right there, but until we know what the circumstances are with the CBA, let's just go on the assumption he is coming back.
    I am sure he would give Danny his decision before the draft.

  34. Anonymous says:

    No way this man is going to retire: 1) he's my favorite player in the game, 2) he has a fire for the game that is unmatched by any other, 3) he is the most dominant defensive coordinator in the game (and offensive beast when he puts his mind to it)... when he arrived in Boston there was an immediate recognizable improvement, in every player, in defensive ability and aggressiveness, and that "energy" possessed by KG is no dimmer today than when he entered the game, and 4) the loss to Miami, if anything, only served to fuel the ambitious, yet entirely capable desire of one of the best players in the game ... they don't leave a game they love so dearly on that kind of note, they create their own to leave the game on their own terms. Kevin Garnett will be back in Boston Celtics Green again next season and "Banner 18" ... that will become a reality! Go Celtics!!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday K.G have a blessed day an please think about it before leaving the team cause we really need you I mean what would the celtics be without you man I love you K.G

  36. timmer says:

    Happy Birthday (as K Harlan used to belt) "Big Ticket". I'm with ya whatever you do. Been a fan since year 1 with the TWolves and always behind you (8 rows back of the Twolves bench)

  37. Anonymous says:

    love you K.G I love you in Minn then you went to Boston i went with you please don't retire scott from Dilworth Minn

  38. Anonymous says:

    He's still got more left. KG don't retire when the team you lead has another run left. A couple 50/50 balls and an injury or two less and you're in the conference finals right now. Every game came down to a few loose balls and lucky shots down the stretch. It's not over yet.

  39. Anonymous says:

    yeah man RETIRE!! GO LAKERS!!!

  40. Michael says:

    personally I don't like it when sports writers try to keep themselves relevant by making up stories. There is no story here Jackie.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Only KG knows if he can still play at a high level. We all know he needs a caddy so he doesn't wear down over the long season so he can be primed for 1 more title run. Lots of things have to happen to make a title run a reality and not a dream. Regardless of some of the bad press he's received, KG is a winner, a warrior, and an all-time great. I was in Minny when he was drafted and have long admired his game. Glad he went "Green!" Go Celtics!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Be hard to leave 20 million on the table. He will be back.

  43. Mark says:

    KG is a Hall of Famer and a Class Act no matter what he does. Would love to see the Celtics win another ring with KG, Ray & Paul nobody deserves it more than KG. Best defender in the NBA and the Heart & Soul of the Celtics....I appreciate what you have done for Boston KG and have loved watching you in a Celtics uniform!! KG=Champion, please stay!!!!!!

  44. Anonymous says:

    go celtics!!!!

  45. Blake musselwhite says:

    WE need u 4 real Im a big celtics fan you need 1 more ring stay for us man you are the best.

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