Kevin Garnett To Retire?

Jackie MacMullan on WEEI this morning hinted that she was wondering if KG would be back next season.

Jackie Mac:
It's just a gut feeling and I may be totally wrong. I'm not basing this on any reporting or anything. Other than him just disappearing into the night after the final game. I do know this: that earlier in the year i was talking to Celtics people, they were joking that KG almost had this championship in the bank and he was fretting about next year because the f****** NBA was going to mess up the lockout year and that was going to screw them up. He knows his clock is ticking, he's very aware of it. A lot of cryptic comments during the season about his health and that no ones healthy, he's not healthy. The the one thing was a comment he made at the All-Star Game, where he said 'If this is my last time here...' and i thought boy that's odd.
Jackie then followed it up by saying she could be completely wrong on this, but said that KG took the loss to Miami worse than anyone. KG is the type of player that is so competitive that he might not want to come back if he can't be the player he once was.