NBA Ramblings- May 19th

A Bulls-Thunder Finals would be epic with the numerous amounts of WTHHT honorees involved.  Ed Pinckney and Adrian Griffin are Bulls' assistant coaches, Mark Bryant is an assistant with the Thunder and Grant Long does the broadcasting for OKC....Speaking of the Bulls, it made me chuckle everyone who jumped on their bandwagon after their Game 1 win over Miami, about how Thibs could be credited with stopping LeBron, blah, blah.  The Bulls look seriously undermanned talent-wise.  Y'all must've forgotten this is a general manager who struck out big-time in free agency and landed Carlos Boozer instead of Bosh or Amare.  That's a huge drop-off.  I feel the Bulls with Amare or Bosh to team with Rose have a much better chance of beating Miami....... Who would've thought Baron Davis' biggest contribution to the 2011 NBA Playoffs would be a commercial with him sticking his head out the sunroof of a Kia, throwing the ball during a slam dunk contest?  Where is the Baron I know and love?