The referees are continuing the ridiculous technical calls.  You can't look at a ref, you can't walk away from a ref, you can't walk toward a ref.  The poor players have to consciously think about every move and reaction they make after a foul is called.  How can you play an emotional game with no emotion?  You know that I absolutely despise the Lakers, but I have to agree with Lamar Odom after he was assessed a technical for holding his hand up for more than 3 seconds after a foul.  Yes, you heard that right.  holding your hand up for more than 3 seconds after a foul call is now grounds for a technical foul.   Here are Odom's thoughts on the new tech rules: 

‘It’s kind of crazy because that’s what people love to see. You watch the commercials and the NBA has dunking, [players making] faces and ‘Where Amazing Happens,” Odom said. ‘Now it’s like ‘Where Normal Happens.’ … There’s nothing amazing about not showing emotion.’”
He definitely has a good point there.   One of the Raptors fans made a comment about how KG without emotion is like Popeye without his spinach.   The more I think about it, the more sense it makes.   KG is a very emotional player.  He gets his edge from being the most intense player on the court.   When he has to rein in that emotion, it takes away from his game and from his focus.   Sources have said that Herr Stern is not going to budge on this ridiculous new rule.  If he doesn't, it's time for the owners and players to vote him out and get themselves another commissioner who isn't on a power trip that is going to ruin the game.

Jessica Camerato over on CSL has a good article about  Rondo's maturity and leadership this season.  This might just be the Celtics key to winning it all this season.  Rondo seems to have more confidence in his shot so far in the preseason.   He has been hitting his free throws and his jumpers as well.   We know that he can hit jumpers.  It was amazing to see him hit 3 pointer after 3 pointer in last season's HORSE contest.   In games though, his lack of confidence causes him to hesitate just for a second and that throws off his shot.  Let's hope that the confidence he has shown in his jumper and free throws in the preseason will continue into the regular season.   Also,  it is always amazing to see Rondo come away with the rebound when there are 3 or 4 other players much bigger than him vying for it.   Rondo's confidence and leadership are going to be key for this team if they are going to win it all. 

It may just be me, but everything about Luke Harangody screams old school.  When I see him on the court I flash back to a young Tommy Heinsohn's playing days.   If he was shooting hook shots instead of shot puts, I'd swear he was Tommy reincarnated somehow.   He may be undersized for a power forward, but he has a knack for getting the ball.  He is a tough player and I think he has a future with the team.   This season he may have a bit of trouble cracking the rotation unless there are injuries, but I can see him as a building block for the future.

We are coming down to the final game of the preseason and there is still a battle going on between Von Wafer and Stephane Lasme for that 15th spot.  Both bring skills to the table.  Wafer brings outside shooting but he isn't a particularly good defender.   Lasme brings athleticism along with very good defense and the ability to get to the hoop for both scoring and rebounds.   Sean Grande and Celtics Hub both have expressed their belief that because of Avery Bradley's injury and Delonte's injury and suspension, Wafer may win the spot by default.  Lasme brings size and can play the 3 and 4 spots.  Wafer brings shooting and plays the 2 and 3.   With both Bradley and West expected to miss time in the beginning of the season, they make the argument that the Celtics will need a player to back up the 2/3 rather than the 3/4.  But Lasme provides a long athletic defender at the 3 that this team very much needs with Marquis Daniels' injury history.    With just one more game left, it won't be long until we find out who's in and who's out. 

Two years ago, the Celtics had a chip on their shoulders.  There were 3 stars who came together to win their first rings.    They weren't the favorites that season but they were motivated and never lost that focus.    Over the past two seasons,  we didn't see that focus or that motivation due to injuries and possibly complacency.   This season that chip is back along with the focus and intensity.  The Celtics returning from last year's squad have the way they lost game 7 as motivation.  They know that they were so close and they were robbed.  That would motivate anyone.  Add to that there is Shaq with his own personal motivation to keep up with the Kobe's and JO who wants his first ring.   This team is focused and motivated.  Now all they need is to stay healthy. 

I have watched the video of Rondo's pass to Semih in the last game and it totally amazes me.  It was the assist of the night on NBA.com as well it should have been.  Semih posted it on his facebook page.  If he sticks with Rondo, there are sure to be many more of these moments in his future.   I have to hand it to Semih for being ready to catch a pass from a PG facing in the opposite direction that seemed to come from his ear.   I know you've probably seen it before but I just can't resist posting it again.  It is a thing of pure beauty. 

FLCeltsFan 10/18/2010 09:49:00 AM Edit
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  1. Hi guys,

    The answer I received from NBA... It's not enough, in my opinion.

    Dear Eduardo:

    Thank you for contacting the National Basketball Association with your comments regarding NBA's Respect for the Game guidelines.

    We are renewing our emphasis on these guidelines, which were implemented several seasons ago. The guidelines do not prohibit players from reacting to or disagreeing with calls; it simply means they cannot do so excessively. Our players show an extraordinary passion for the game. But when it comes to protesting calls made by the officials, that passion has increasingly resulted in prolonged complaining or gestures and other actions that show a lack of respect for the game. These incidents reflect poorly on our players and increased significantly last season.

    The league has taken a number of steps to ensure players are aware of the guidelines, and can adjust to them. Prior to the start of the preseason, the NBA met with head coaches to discuss the application of the rules. During the preseason, we met with each team individually, emphasizing with coaches and players the importance of the rules, and ensuring they understand them. We are not looking to slow our game down with numerous technical fouls and have instructed referees to warn players where possible (e.g., for less forceful gestures or repeat, but short, complaints) instead of issuing a technical.

    Thank you again for your concern. We appreciate your feedback regarding this issue.


    NBA Fan Relations

  2. Thanks for sharing that. I haven't gotten an answer to my emails yet. They are outright lying when they say that they aren't prohibiting players from reacting to or disagreeing with calls; it simply means they cannot do so excessively.

    I don't call any of the techs I saw this preseason excessive. They got JO for the look on his face. KG from just trying to show the ref how he was held during a stoppage in play. He didn't do anything excessive. And then he got the second one for laughing at the very laughable first one. Big Baby got one for just holding his hands out to Doc because he had just been told not to pick up another foul. Odom had his hand up for more than 3 seconds. They are giving techs for ANY reaction. ANY! And they are lying about it to boot. Do they think we are idiots? We can see what they are giving T's for. And we know it's not excessive. Now more than ever, Stern needs to go!!!

  3. JR says:

    I agree it's not enough. Besides the two thank you's it totally sounds like something Stern would say. Stern needs to work on fixing the issues Donaghy has raised about officials as opposed to giving them more power. A start would be the same rules for stars and regular players.

    According to these new technicals guidelines, Kobe and Lebron should be ejected from every regular season game (I've never seen them not whine whenever they're not "given" a call). I won't hold my breath.

  4. ACF says:

    I got the exact same response as Edu - but I'm not really surprised. I'm actually more surprised they got back to me.

    JR, I'm sorry the Knicks recap was up a bit late but it was the best I could do.

  5. FL and JR, I agree with you. We have a great team for this season, but the new rules might kill all the fun. It's unfair. :-(

  6. I just got the same thing from them. I guess they are getting enough fan outrage over this to need a form email to send out. I hate David Stern.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Instead of writing this, people should write to complain about the 4th quarter in Game 7 was officiated last year. If it was called similarly to the first 3 quarters, Celtics would be gunning for their 19th championship this year.

  8. Jenda says:

    Got the very same answer. I'm quite impressed because someone had to actually read it. At least to the extend that the person knew which answer to send.
    I still hope this may have some impact.

  9. Tim Donaghy is going to be on Celtics Late Night Show (See daily links) tonight. He will be discussing this new crack down on emotion in the NBA. I'll be interested to hear what he has to say.

    And I did write about that travesty in the 4th quarter of game 7. I didn't get a reply on that one though.

  10. tb727 says:

    Jenda and FL- was your response identical to Edus? Because I'm guessing it's a generic one they send out to everyone...

  11. Jenda says:

    Yep tb. But I didn't even expect one. And as I stated in my previous comment, it means someone had to read it, even if that someone read just a part to know which generic answer to send. I mean If I wrote them that they should regulate the prices of beer and hotdogs at the stadium, they would probably send me another answer, right?

  12. Yes, mine was the same. But like Jenda said, somebody is reading these if it is a flunky whose only job is to determine which canned response to send out. Also, this shows that they are getting enough mail from fans who are angry about this to have to formulate a stock response.

  13. We should all write an answer to this, so they have to formulate another stock response.

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