I love Rondo's reaction. Gasol is a very good player, but he might have given the Celtics and KG the little boost they needed. Rondo's reaction reminds me of the famous "You know you done f#$%ed up, you know that right?" line from Menace II Society (video after the jump).

JR 6/05/2010 02:14:00 AM Edit
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  1. JSKCKNIT says:

    LOL....Need to get that on a t-Shirt! You know you done %^&*'d up!

  2. Julie Bai says:

    Hahaha, awesome! Yeah, when Pau said that comment about KG I was like...."Uh-oh, here comes the drama!" Rondo's reaction was funny ~ reporters are such instigators! I'm looking forward to seeing the Celtic fury in Game 2!

  3. Bohemian says:

    It's funny because this is a cultural misread by Gasol. In Spain this kind of comments are not out of disrespect but in the USA they can be judged as that...ohhh Pau, I think you screwed it up hehehehe! KG is more than motivated now, beware of the beast tomorrow!!

  4. JR says:

    Yeah it wasn't like Pau said anything untrue. It's just that you don't give an opponent more motivation. I feel bad for you Bohemian b/c I know you were a fan of your countryman and then Chris Wallace gave him to the Lakers. I was a fan of his too, but it must be extra hard for you.

    I think we're winning game 2.

  5. Bohemian says:

    Thanks JR, but when Pau wears purple and gold I don't see him as my countryman anymore ;) KG will have his revenge on him on Sunday and I will be more than excited to witness our victory over the Flakers!

    I will say good things about Pau in the offseason, but now I hate him as much as I hate Kobe, Fisher, Odom...

  6. Bohemian says:

    And yes, I feel the smell of a nice warm victory tomorrow ;) Also, Rondo seems extra motivated too. We will win!

  7. Jenda says:

    Right after the comment Whistlin' Phil was caught attempting to strangle Gasol.

  8. Karl says:

    Tru comments by Pao but he shouldn't have said that. Celtics are winning tomorrow.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Go KG...you show em

  10. BSP2010 says:

    It doesn't matter what happened in game 1 KG knew his head wasn't in the game and in game 2 he will get back in there. Remember the C's have been in worst stuff then this. Once everyone gets going the Celtic Pride will emerge victorious.
    P.S KG keep ya head up

  11. HellisHere says:

    Pathetic... Ohhh, The Celtics need to be MOTIVATED to play in the Final????? It takes someone talking trash to make KG play with purpose?????? BS

  12. Mr. C says:

    Damn the video isn't showing up only the Menace youtube clip is.

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