There have been several Celtics rap anthems created recently. I know I might catch flack for saying this, but Boston has a ton of horrible MC's. I liked ED O.G. and Guru, but not sure I can think of another decent one (though Bobby Brown's verse on "Every Little Step" was a classic lol). This "Bye Lakers" song though is pretty catchy and was a fun listen/watch.

But now if you really want to hear a classic NBA rap, after the jump we have a Lakers special.

What's with all the wife beaters of every color out there look? lol. Kurt Rambis reminded me of Wierd Al Yankovic in this video.

What are your thoughts on these videos? If I made a joke that the current Lakers team should do a PSA video titled "No means No," would that be classless. I don't want to make that joke unless I have your approval.

JR 6/02/2010 01:39:00 PM Edit
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  1. Conquistador says:

    Well, if you need to ask the internet if rape jokes are funny...;)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hate to say this, but based on the videos, the Celtics one is cheesier. The Lakers video sends such a positive message. Maybe Stern forced them to do this amidst the NBA drug scandals of the '80s.

  3. tb727 says:

    Ed OG and the Bulldogs were from Boston? Didn't know that! "Gotta have it" was an awesome song

  4. Karl says:

    Great stuff!

  5. pierce says:

    aye how can u say the celtics one is cheesier
    they are both bad but obviously the nba did tell the lakers to do that psa song so it really doesnt count

  6. Cody says:

    ya know im a laker fan in a celtic area and i hope rando dies in a hole with all his gay friends like pierce

  7. Corey says:

    well cody you sound like a guy thats gonna get your but kicked

  8. Cody says:

    listen corey i will jump every cektic fan that wants to fight me kk ik who u are we have classes together

  9. Corey says:

    you sure cody there is alot of us...alot

  10. Cody says:

    well im positive budd.... theres alot of laker fans 2!!

  11. Corey says:

    ohh im sorry, all 3 of them?

  12. Cody says:

    thats cold nd umm theres more than that. theres more laker fans than celtics

  13. Corey says:

    not were you live

  14. Cody says:

    i know that.

  15. Jenda says:

    And also, my friend had a dog that jumped everyone who was close. Well their legs at least, and it wasn't a nice thing to watch. So if you want to jump a Celtics fan - with the majority of them being men - that just shows us who we are dealing here with.

  16. Anonymous says:

    You two need to get a room.

  17. Cody's Gay Boyfriend says:

    Hey Cody baby, I thought you told me you were going to stop hiding and just let everyone now that your jealousy for the Celtics made you a fan? Oh and that Hole thing you said about Rondo, too bad Rondo isn't gay. You told me that hole thing was for you and me? It's ok, we'll talk about this when I get back.

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