Good article today by Bob Ryan in the Globe on Eddie House finding a home in Boston. Ainge:
“Eddie can shoot as well as anybody in the game. He’s right there with a Ray Allen, that kind of guy. But he’s not as big, so he doesn’t get his shot off as easily. But no one has a quicker trigger.’’
According to the article, Ainge has been a fan of Eddie's going back to his Arizona State days when Ainge was playing and coaching in Phoenix. Both Doc and Ainge call Eddie a "scary" shooter in this article, which I think is right on the money. Honestly I have more confidence that a shot is going in when Eddie shoots than anyone in the league right now. Eddie will never be a star or even a starter. Shooting guards just over 6 feet tall never are (well unless they're named A.I. I guess), but Eddie is indispensable to the C's bench, and often I'm critical of Danny's moves, but bringing Eddie aboard (and keeping him) deserves a tip of the cap. Expect a very big year from Eddie.

JR 10/15/2009 12:27:00 PM Edit
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  1. Three Toe says:

    Well, If you throw out the preconception about 6' guards, I think Eddie could certainly start on a number of teams. I was actually about to write a post about overlooked Eddie.

    He brings a deep threat and a great jump shot, he stretches defenses, he has the fastest release ever, he hustles all the time, he is a fan favorite, and he plays like he downed a case of red bull. I think a lot of people still think he's just some offense off the bench. He does a ton for this team and I think other teams realize that. A team like maybe Houston or SA that can afford to sacrifice some defense for all those benefits I mentioned might consider starting House if played for them.

    If House improves his defense and less importantly, ball-handling, he would be a nightmare for other teams to face. People say that his passing needs work, but his quick release negates his need to be a good passer. His game is to sneak to open spots and open fire, not to be a passer on offense.

  2. JR says:

    I could see Eddie starting on some teams (for example, he'd have been better for Orlando last year than Reddick in the playoffs), but I think his ideal role is as a back up in the Vinnie Microwave mode.

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