Kristaps Porzingis to return for Game 1 of NBA Finals on Thursday

They say it's better to be lucky than good. It's also often better to be healthy than good. Especially when it comes to winning four series in the NBA playoffs. Last year injuries played a major role in the Celtics losing Game 7 of the Eastern Conferemnce Finals and it seems like it's been a recurring issue for Boston since 2008.

KG in 2009, Perk in 2010. Rondo and Shaq in 2011 all the way through Isaiah Thomas in 2018, Kyrie and Hayward the next year, the Kemba years and Time Lord the last time the Celtics made the Finals. With a tight seven man rotation this season, the imporance of those players being healthy is even greater. Barring a setback the Celtics will be back to full strength when the tip off the NBA Finals on Thursday in Boston.

Kristaps Porzingis will be a bit rusty, but he's been shooting for a few weeks now, so the main issue will be to get him back up to game speed on defense. Assuming he's 100%, that shouldn't take more than a half of basketball I'd guess. Now if he's less than 100% that's another story and the key will be for Mazzulla to get the most out of him in shorter stretches without chancing a reinjury.

Regardless of Porzingis can provide for the Celtics these NBA Finals he will be a welome site as he's a game changer with his size and unique abilities. Recency bias aside, many analysts and fans had Porzingis as the team's secind best player during the NBA regular season. He's that good. Welcome back Kristaps!