NBA analysts not sold on Celtics as championship favorites

Despite the Celtics continuing to pull away from the rest of the NBA in the win column of late, NBA analysts aren't ready to throw faith in Boston winning it all. First of all, no one should really care if the "experts" predict your favorite team to win a title or not. Whayt matters is the result.

Secondly since this group of Celtics have never won an NBA championship, it's fine for people to have doubts. Especially coming off the team's embarassing perfromance against the Heat the past playoffs.

I do think all signs point to the Celtics being much more prepared to capture a title this season than the past few. Jrue Holiday has championship experience and is an upgrade over Marcus Smart. Derrick White has improved. Tatum seems hyperfocused to win a ring. And Jaylen Brown has secured his "bag," and I'm sure is determined to erase last year's postseason failure.

The biggest key going for the Celtics is Kristaps Porzingis. Sure you can't expect Al Horford to be as solid this postseason as he was during the 2021-22 title run, but that group had Robert Williams playing at less than 100% or out for games, while this group as Kristaps Porzingis. Despite not making the All-Star game this season, Porzingis is an All-Star talent. And he's a big that you can throw at any other big in the NBA.

As long as Porzingis stays healthy, the Celtics should be favorited to win it all this year. Is Joe Mazzulla the best coach? Nope. But at the end of the day, it's the players that matter most, and Mazzulla is competent enough to win a title with this group.