Everyone now seems to have Thunder as championship favorite following January win over Celtics

Prisoners of the moment? Recency bias? Small sample size overreaction? Through the first 33 games of the season the Oklahoma City Thunder are now good again with a record of 23-10, which ties them for 4th in the NBA with the Philadelphia 76ers. The Celtics at 26-7 remain in the top spot. As good as the Thunder looked on Tuesday, here's my issue: It's a regular season game in the winter. I rememeber a few years back when the Thunder were tanking they beat the heavily favored Thunder in Oklahoma City.

Shoot the Pistons almost beat the Celtics recently. It's one regular season game! But the media and fans are having a field day with the Thinder as the new elite team in the NBA. Here's a small sampling.

What say you? Are the young Thunder the favorites to win the West and should the Celtics fear them? Or are the Thunder getting their flowers way too early?