Aaron Nesmith mocks fans' old takes on trade

The Celtics drafted Aaron Nesmith 14th in the 2020 NBA Draft, but after two seasons in Boston, they traded him, along with a first round pick and Daniel Theis for Malcolm Brogdon. Brogdon would go on to win the NBA's 6th Man on of the Year award in his lone season in Boston, but got injured in the playoffs.

As is way too often the case when a team trades youth and first round draft capital for an established player, NBA fans and "experts" overreact to the bigger veteran name. They say revenge is a dish best served cold and Nesmith has let his play do his talking, but after a big game this weekend he also added this to his Instagram stories:

Can't really fault Nesmith for holding a grudge to people who called him nothing. It takes some lottery picks more than two years to break out, especially on contending teams. Good to see Nesmith thriving with more of an opportunity. His numbers have taken a major leap with the extra playing time in Indy.

Often times with shooters they just need the playing time and reps to get their games going at the NBA level.

For the Celtics part, after failing to trade Brogdon in the Porzingis deal after the Clippers got cold feet, Boston included him along with Robert Williams and two future first round picks in a trade for Jrue Holiday. So in a way Stevens traded five first rounders (counting the one he traded to Indiana, plus Williams, plus Nesmith) and Daniel Theis for Holiday.

Stevens has more or less been the anti Danny Ainge trading first rounders like hot cakes. He did hold on to Payton Pritchard signing him to an extension at the beginning of this month. Nesmith received his own extension from the Pacers this month as well.