James Harden reportedly plans to sit out training camp

It's the new NBA where superstar players (or former ones) demand to be traded to one team only and if they don't get their wish they won't show up for work. James Harden who forced his way out of Houston to Brookyln and then forced his way out of Brooklyn a year later to Philadelphia wants to be traded to the Los Angeles Clippers. The problem is Harden who will be 34 in two weeks isn't the player he used to be and now has a reputation of becoming disgruntled.

The Clippers have no desire to offer anything too significant for another older scorer to add to Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. On the flip side 76ers GM Daryl Morey tends to ask for the moon in trade talks, so no surprise that Philly this weekend decided to end trade talks concerning Harden. The Beard in turn has no plans to rejoin his Philadelphia teammates at training camp.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has previously warned Damian Lillard and his agent about threats to not honor his contract with a potential new team not named the Heat, so expect this Harden news to get a reaction. Not sure how much fines for missing training camp (as opposed to regular season games) can amount to, so its possible Harden does end up sitting out and if he's not traded by opening night, he will return then,

Worth noting that Harden when he doesn't want to be somewhere definitely doesn't appear to give the same effort as normally, so good luck with that Philadelphia.