Former Celtic sentenced to 10 years in prison for health care fraud

The hammer has come down on Terrence Williams who was a first round pick of the Nets and played the final of his four NBA season with the Boston Celtics. 10 years in prison is his sentence.

Remember being kind of excited about the Celtics signing the athletc Williams, but what I most remember is his dumb comments about our site after one of our writers wrote "Is Avery Bradley becoming overrated?" First of all everyone is can be underrated by some and overrated by others. Even if you thought Avery Bradley was an All-Star, it's possible for someone to think he's an All-NBA player and thus you'd say he was being overrated.

Williams argument was an opinion piece asking whether Avery Bradley was becoming overrated was bad writing because... wait for it... it was an "opinion." Apparently sports blogs and their writers should never give their opinions.

In my opinion Williams made even worse mistakes than a beef with a fan blog following his Celtics career.