Video: Reporter's laughter draws ire of Al Horford

Boston Celtics center Al Horford shot a whopping 45% on 3-pointers this season. So when Horford mentioned how his ability to stretch the floor benefits the Celtics because it draws 76ers center Joel Embiid away from the rim on defense, he was speaking nothing but truth. Horford called himself an "elite shooter" (which 45% on 3's definitely qualifies him as), but the reporter thought Horford was joking and laughed, which led to an uncomfortable moment for said reporter (It's towards the end of the CLNS video above).

Horford who is one of the most professional and classy players in the league didn't dress down the reporter (as others likely would have), but handled it very courteously. You could still tell that it irked him some, but he was sure to quickly rebuke the mistaken laughter.