Expect the Celtics to make major roster changes before they'd fire Mazzulla

When the Celtics win, the Green Teamer contingent of Celtics fans love to mock the other side, by saying "See you're an idiot." And when the Celtics lose the other side likes to "See blow it up! Fire the coach." The rest of more sane fans in the middle are more nuanced.

If the Celtics fall to the Heat in this series, they aren't going to blow it up and trade everyone, hire a new coach, and start over. They will either put the blame on head coach Joe Mazzulla and make a change or the playes and make some changes there. A change from Mazzulla could mean firing him or could mean adding a veteran NBA head coach to be one of his lead assistants.

Player changes won't mean getting rid of both Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. They aren't trading Tatum. Player changes would mean finally moving on from the Tatum, Brown, Marcus Smart trio. Trading Jaylen would be in play and so would trading Smart. Potentially both.

According to Yahoo's Jake Fischer, "If the Celtics suddenly reversed course on Mazzulla, it would be a stark change of direction from the franchise’s original intent." Brad Stevens and Wyc Grousbeck aren't rash decision makers. If they refused to let Danny Ainge and Will Hardy poach Mazzulla from their staff, wanted Mazzulla to be their head coach when they suspended Ime Udoka, and gave him a contract extension and removed the interim tag right before the All-Star break, he's their guy.

They aren't going to fire him over this series. Is he guaranteed to make it through the entirety of next season? No. In a close loss, you can blame the inexperience of Mazzulla. But it's the players that got blown out and didn't give full effort. It's the players that coast and blow leads. It's the players that focus on making All-NBA teams and Defensive Player of the Year awards and their brands, etc.

These same players more or less quit on a very good coach in Brad Stevens during the 2020-2021 season. These same players seem to have checked out on another coach. You shouldn't need Ime Udoka to tell them to "Stop playing like a$$holes" for them to play the right way.

Mazzulla by all accounts is a hard worker. Was he the right guy for a championship contender? No. A rookie coach with barely any head coaching experience at any level and never having played in the league was a reach. But Celtics ownership decided that Udoka wouldn't be allowed to return and they went with continuation. With a summer to study how he can better, I wouldn't count on Mazzulla not being a better coach in year 2. Especially with an experienced assistant as a right hand man.