Celtics players reportedly "tired of fake liking each other"

The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor says he's heard that this Celtics team is tired of fake liking each other. If you ask the Green Teamers they all say Jaylen, Smart, and Tatum get along great. Ask the media and they say there are issues. Ask the players after they just won the Eastern Conference Finals last season or in training camp and they'll say one thing, but after the losses you hear rumors of other things.

Personally I was very pleasantly surprised that Ime Udoka got them on board after a poor start last season and they went on a great run. But I also think they would have eventually tuned out Udoka's touch apporach as modern NBA player typically do by season 2.

I was against trading Jaylen for Beal, but I did propose a Jaylen and Smart to Sacramento for Fox, Halliburton and their FRP that Celtics fans mostly hated. That pick ended up becoming #4, the Pacers acquired Halliburton instead and both he and Fox have developed into the type of players that I feel fit better next to Jayson.

Brown and Tatum both demand the ball in their hands and shots, but neither have the playmaking skills to be that guy. You can fake things in the regular season, but when it comes to 7 game series's intelligent opposing head coaches will bring out the worst in Tatum's and Jaylen's lack of playmaking.

Probably best for all parties to make some changes this offseason.