Afternoon Delight: Kevin Garnett given two roles as Celtics new assistant coach

Well hold your horses and your carriages! It was believed that the Boston Celtics were not looking to fill the coaching void left by Damon Stoudamire who is leaving to become the head coach at Georgia Tech, but we're getting late breaking news from veteran Celtics Life Afternoon Delight Emmy winning reporter Rondo Burgundy that the Celtics will in fact be bringing in a new assistant coach.

And that new assistant coach is former Celtics NBA champion Kevin Garnett! This is the first time the Celtics have hired one of their former championship players as an assistant coach since Dennis Johnson back in the 1990's. According to Burgundy who has a perfect record with these matters, Stevens told KG he'd only have two roles, but they were key to the team bringing home Banner 18 this season.

KG will be in charge of making sure everyone gives 100% on defense as his first role. For his second role, Garnett has been asked to be the coaching voice to whisper in Joe Mazzulla's ear when a timeout might be prudent. KG was picked specifically for this task due to his calm demeanor on the basketball court and bench.

Rondo Burgundy also adds that KG was given the first ever incentive assistant head coach job in NBA history. If the Celtics raise Banner 18 this year, Garnett will get an ownership stake. If they don't, KG will owe majority owner Wyc Grousbeck a steak. Sounds like a fair agreement and expect KG to let the Celtics players and head coach know if they are doing something that might hinder his chances on acquiring his incentive ownership stake.

We've never posted an Afternoon Delight this late in the day, but we felt that this major news couldn't wait until tomorrow.

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