Grant Williams' price tag continues to climb

Back in the Fall Grant Williams was reportedly asking for a contract extension for $14 million per year. The Celtics were unwilling to meet his demand. According to Marc Stein, Williams' price tag may have already increased all the way to $20 million per year.

I already wrote way too many words on why not coming to terms on a deal in the Fall was a foolish gamble, so I don't want to repeat myself, but if you're interest here is the post:

This offseason the Celtics will be forced to either pony up to keep the versatile Williams or hope to sign-and-trade him. Unfortunately for Boston there are teams with cap space like the San Antonio Spurs who could sign Grant to a front loaded offer sheet making it more painful cap and tax wise for the Celtics to match.

If Grant signs an offer sheet elsewhere and the Celtics don't match, then Boston would only have the league minimum to sign a replacement since they are already over the cap.