How the Boston Celtics can improve in 2023

It’s “championship or bust” for the Celtics in 2023. At least, that’s the word around the water cooler. The team has steadily grown into a team of winners and seems primed to take the next step, with MA sports betting sites giving the C’s increasingly better odds.

But there are still some improvements that need to be made, and as we’ve just entered a new year, it’s the perfect time for some resolutions.

Get Sam Hauser through the Slump

Sam Hauser had a really poor December. He played 14 times and shot just 33% from the field, including just 28% from behind the 3-point line. That’s where he usually performs best and makes the biggest impact on the game, and when those 3 points stop landing, the whole team feels the effects.

Despite a poor month, Hauser is still 40% for the year, which shows you just how good he has been and how high the bar is for his return to form. If he is connecting, we’ll be in a much better place overall.

So, here’s hoping that Sam Hauser can find his form again as we move into 2023 and he can put the tail end of 2022 to the back of his memory.

Score More Points

The points tally is one of the biggest areas that needs improvement and something that can be looked at moving into 2023. We’ve already discussed the role that Sam Hauser can play in that.

Payton Pritchard will also be instrumental as well. As things stand, there hasn’t been much room for him on the court, but that could change and he needs to start showing everyone what he can do if he wants to make those appearances more regular.

Develop JD Davison’s Jump Shot

JD Davison is arguably the best prospect on the roster at the moment. He is an incredible athlete whose potential is only matched by his athleticism. There are some areas in which he can improve though and the main one is the jump shot.

Good point guards need to have a good jump shot under their belts, and this is where JD Davison struggles. He hit less than a third of his 3-point shots during his collegiate season and he has been hitting a similar number in the G-League.

It’s a big ask for 2023, but if he can start hitting those jump shots more consistently, he will appear more frequently and should play a massive role in the future of this franchise.

Keep Blake Griffin Fit and on Form

Blake Griffin has been one of the standout players of the first half of the season. He’s helping with the rotation and has become a very important utility player. In 2023, there isn’t much more that we can ask from him except to stay fit and keep that form going. He’s not a star. He’s not a headline-maker. But you need solid performers in the rotation to keep everyone else on their toes, and Blake Griffin definitely fits that mold.