Shams Charania gives more details on Ime Udoka investigation

NBA insider Shams Charania was on Pat McAfee's show yesterday and tried to clear up some rumors about the Ime Udoka investigation, but kind of left as many questions for the viewer as answers. Basically he's saying the Celtics were made aware of a consenual relationship between Udoka and the Celtics in July and were like "cool," but then when the staffer later disclosed some crude remarks that Udoka made to her prior to the relationship, the Celtics opened up an outside investigation which led to Ime's one year suspension.

Kind of doesn't fully add up. You have NBA people and reporters predicting Udoka will never coach in the NBA again. If Shams story is the full story that makes no sense. So either all these NBA people have some faulty info or Shams is being misleading here. Maybe he's trying to talk in a lawyer-like manner and only focus on information stricly discovered in the outside investigation. Who knows?