Nia Long reportedly standing by fiancé Ime Udoka

Nia Long is reportedly sticking with fiance and suspended Boston Celtics NBA head coach Ime Udoka accoriding to the New York Post.

Nia Long is sticking by her fiancé, Celtics coach Ime Udoka, after his reported affair, according to her ex, Massai Z. Dorsey.

“We talk as a family, and it’s all about unconditional love, and that’s what she’s giving him,” Dorsey told the DailyMail while discussing the scandal that rocked the Celtics organization last month.

“We’re sticking by him 100 percent,” Dorsey, 51, said. “Ime made a mistake. Every man needs another chance. Like the Bible says, the flesh is weak. He’s not a bad guy. Hopefully, he’s learned from this.”

Dorsey, who shares and co-parents a 21 year old son with Long, added:

“All I could say is good things about Ime,” Dorsey said. “He’s a good man. All these years. I’m happy he’s in my son’s life.

“It’s easy to get to the top, but to stay at the top it takes a different type of person. Right now in this season, you have to be very sensitive with women, unfortunately, because they hold the cards right now.”

The last line was rather cringe I must say. Surprisingly more details haven't been leaked since the bombshell suspension 2 weeks ago. The Celtics players apparently don't even know the whole story.

Former NBA journeyman Matt Barnes claims to know the full details, but just has teased that they are "100 times worse" than he first believed. This week Barnes double downed on the mystery claiming it's not about what Udoka did, but who he did it with.

Joe Mazzulla had a successful first game as interim head coach leading the Celtics to a blow out win over the Hornets on Sunday afternoon in Boston.