Matt Barnes drops more bread crumbs on reason behind Udoka's lengthy suspension

Matt Barnes sat down for this interview after he deleted his Instagram post declaring that Ime Udoka's suspension was too harsh, now that he knew the full scoop. He didn't share what he learned, but he just said it was "100 times worse" than he believed at first.

Here once again Barnes (as well as the interviewer Vlad) kind of humble brags about him knowing the full Ime story, that even Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and the rest of the Celtics players are in the dark about.

Barnes claims it's not what Udoka did, but who he did it with. To be honest, Barnes might not even know more than the gossipers on social media and forums claim to. I heard all that same stuff the night Woj and Shams first tweeted about this situation. Maybe Barnes knows someone that could legitimately confirm it.

The Celtics have done a good job not letting more details come out. Publicly they can't due to legal issues, but things of this sort tend to be leaked, so it's impressive that it hasn't.