Former Celtic Matt Ryan shooting the lights out for Lakers, LeBron gestures for L.A. to sign him

Matt Ryan had one of those heart warming stories attached to him when he signed with the Celtics last season. It was up in the air whether he'd return to the Celtics this season, but things were looking up after an inpressive start to Summer League. Then he got hurt and Brad Stevens inked both Sam Hauser and Luke Kornet to guaranteed contracts.

With the squeeze a bit in in Boston, Ryan took a shot that the Lakers desperate for outside shooters to spread the court might be a good fit. So far they have been.

Not only is their new coach a fan, but their GM star player LeBron is one as well. And if LeBron wants Ryan on the final roster, here's guessing minus a Russell Westbrook trade that brings back multiple players and shooters, the recent DoorDash driver, Matt Ryan, will land a spot in L.A.