Matt Barnes drops defense of Udoka, says situation is "100 times worse" than thought

Matt Barnes was one of the media members saying that Ime Udoka got a raw deal getting a one year suspension. To his credit, he immediately changed his mind upon hearing about what really happened. Of course unlike you or I, Barnes has the ability to actually find out the real scoop.

He shouldn't have defended Udoka and bashed the Celtics so hard before learning the full story. But that's what people like to do nowadays. Make up their minds before waiting to hear all the facts. To his credit, Barnes admits in the video he was wrong.

Now I always have a hard time with quantifiers like "100 times" worse. Is he being hyperbolic? My mathematical brain would consider 100 times worse to be the difference between a 1 game suspension and a 100 game suspension (more or less a full 82 game regular season + the playoffs). So is Barnes saying now that Udoka's full season suspension is appropiate?

Or did mean something even more extreme than 100 times worse than his initial thought? Like Udoka should be fired and out of the NBA for a while?

I don't doubt that we will find out more details as they leak that will make Udoka's actions look worse, but I'm hoping for all parties involved that it isn't as "ugly" as Barnes hints at. No one should be rooting for that.

By the way I am almost certain that whatever details Barnes knows now will get out. Too many people appear to already know the full story for it not to get out.