Kendrick Perkins says Celtics now "have to trade Jaylen Brown" since Stevens has burned bridges

Former Boston Celtics center Kendrick Perkins who previously said that the Jay's needed to be broken up, spoke on the above podcast this week with former Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Marcus Spears and feels that Brad Stevens has disrespected Jaylen Brown and now Boston more or less needs to trade him.

Perkins previously wanted Danny Ainge to trade Jaylen Brown for James Harden, but has come around on Brown and now thinks it's a dumb idea to trade him for an old star. Perkins is correct on that point. So was Ainge. But Perkins says that Brad Stevens didn't draft Brown and the fact that Jaylen keeps on hearing his name in trade talks means is disrespectful.

Perkins says that Ainge was very open with him and his teammates about potential trades, but who is to say Brad Stevens has not been? I don't think that the Celtics need to trade Jaylen Brown now. I think that is an exaggeration. Sure his feelings might be a bit hurt, but the NBA is a business. Star players demand out all the time, so if a team wants to explore an upgrade they should be allowed to without everyone getting on their soap box and talking about "disrespect."

My main issue with the proposed Jaylen plus additional assets for Kevin Durant rumor is that it is not an upgrade for the Celtics. Maybe for a year, but if you were obsessed about going all-in this season, you could just use those first rounders to add another player or players to the team. You could have traded for Dejounte Murray with those first rounders.

If Kevin Durant was 5 years younger, this trade would make a ton of sense. But he's not. The Celtics do not need to trade Jaylen, but if they decide they do, they can do much better than this rumored deal.

Perkins also warns that the Celtics might be trading the wrong Jay and takes some shots at Jayson Tatum for "disappearing" in the NBA Finals.