Different ways to bet on basketball and other sports

More and more states are slowly but surely putting regulation in place to make gambling in the US a legal affair. This has led to a boom of different websites that offer up the ability to bet on basketball and other big sports and big personalities in the independent sports media are promoting various gambling companies.

There are a large number of ways that one can bet on sports. Even if picking the winner is still the most popular alternative in the betting community, many people have started to venture outside of this to find more complex and engaging ways to bet. Regardless of whether you want to bet on the Celtics or would prefer doing super bowl lines, there is a ton to choose from. But the betting scene can be somewhat intimidating for someone who has never tried their hand at betting before. In this text we’re going to give you a couple of examples of different ways to bet Parlays

Parlays have become incredibly popular due to them being frequently talked about on social media. A parlay works by the player in question picking a number of different things that can happen during a game and then combining these to make a larger and more complex bet with better odds.

A parlay bet for basketball can look something like this: The Celtics score over 100 points, shoot over 12 3’s, and make at least 88% of their free throws. This allows for a much more engaging way to bet and one can employ their basketball knowledge to capitalize on the better odds. These types of bets are usually available for all games, regardless of whether it’s a regular season game in november or if the player would like to use it to bet on super bowl.

Over/under bets

Over/under bets are a different way to bet if you don’t want to pick the winner. Over/under bets work from a baseline, for example how many points the celtic will score. If you believe they will score less than that you take the under, and vice versa.

Bets that stretch across the entire season

Bets that stretch across the entire season can be a fun way to bet if you don’t like betting on individual games. This can entail everything from which team will win, to how individual players on the Celtics roster will perform. This also gives more incentive to stay up to date on everything that's happening.