Video: Boston Celtics 2021- 2022 Bloopers and Funny Moments

The annual Celtics Life blooper reel! A compilation of all the funniest moments from the Boston Celtics' 2021-2022 season to make you laugh. See a list below for the timestamps of each clip:

Team Bloopers

0:06 - The Boston Celtics bench gets a tech
0:33 - The Celtics can't stop laughing at Enes Freedom's outfit
0:44 - Locker room talks about eating wings and washing a-- holes
0:58 - The Boston Celtics critique Jayson Tatum's childhood tie tutorial
2:19 - Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel interviews Celtics players at the NBA finals
3:35 - The Celtics bench reacts to Kyle Lowry fouling out
4:00 - The best celebrations of the season

Jayson Tatum Funny Moments

4:49 - Jayson Tatum says he isn't comfortable throwing a lob to Grant Williams
5:53 - Tatum hits Rob Williams in the head with the basketball
6:10 - Tatum hits Daniel Theis in the head with the basketball
6:19 - Tatum behind the back pass to the ref
6:37 - Tatum messes with a reporter
6:53 - Tatum crashes Marcus Smart's and Derrick White's postgame interviews
7:04 - Tatum wants to transform into a dolphin
7:16 - Tatum's "WOW" reaction to being fouled while shooting a 3

Jaylen Brown Funny Moments

7:46 - "Dennis (Schroder) played great, but he's ugly"
7:54 - Jaylen Brown moonball
8:19 - Jaylen claps while playing defense on Tyler Herro
8:33 - Jaylen's smoking guns celebration
8:39 - Jaylen slaps Payton Prichard on the back of his head
8:45 - Jaylen names his hypothetical yacht the "Catalina Wine Mixer" (from the movie Step Brothers)

Marcus Smart Funny Moments

8:53 - Marcus Smart's DPOY robe
9:09 - Smart and Giannis get tangled up
9:39 - Smart and Jaylen Brown look into Marcus' hand after he makes a left layup
9:54 - Marcus give Rudy Gobert the stank face
10:12 - Smart give Kevin Durant a funny look
10:19 - Marcus Smart's famous kip up
10:29 - Smart's funny defense on the Brooklyn Nets
10:41 - Headband Smart
10:47 - Marcus Smart gets soaked by his teammates after winning the Defensive Player of the Year Award

Al Horford Funny Moments

11:11 - Al Horford tells Giannis "okay" (and then proceeds to destroy the Bucks)
11:15 - Al's infamous flinch at the free throw line

Robert Williams Funny Moments

11:21 - Rob tells the media that his son is only 4 months old, all he knows is yelling and throwing up
11:26 - Rob's "Time Lord" yacht
11:34 - Rob and Grant act silly for the camera
11:37 - Rob would transform into a wolf

Grant Williams Funny Moments

11:51 - Grant Williams stank face
11:54 - Grant Williams is Batman
13:17 - Grant infiltrates the Milwaukee Bucks huddle
13:27 - Grant does parkour over Kevon Looney
13:35 - Grant's funny defense on Kevin Durant
13:55 - Grant picks up a foul while guarding Rudy Gobert and screams at the ref "he's 7'4"!"
14:13 - Grant would transform into a hippo
14:18 - Grant says he started the 3rd quarter since Rob was in the bathroom
14:25 - Grant uses his butt to create space
14:32 - Grant wears a robe on Marcus Smart's birthday
14:38 - Grant trash talks LeBron James about his chasedown block
15:23 - Grant distracts Ime Udoka during a media interview

Ime Udoka Funny Moments

15:47 - Ime Udoka talks about the April Fools Day prank he and Grant Williams played on the team
17:09 - Ime gets soaked after his first victory as head coach
17:17 - Ime gets a tech after he tells the ref "that's a bulls--t call"
17:26 - Ime tells the team that they already "did the waterball thing" after the Eastern Conference Finals, but Jayson Tatum says "f--k that!"

Payton Pritchard Funny Moments

17:46 - Payton Pritchard is the new Playoff P
17:48 - Pritchard tells Tyler Herro that he's too small
17:58 - Pritchard barks like a dog during a Summer League game

Malik Fitts, #1 Hype Man

18:05 - Malik Fitts talks about all his bench celebrations
18:56 - A compilation of Malik's best moves 

Deuce Tatum Funny (and Cute) Moments

19:12 - Deuce sticks his tongue out while watching the Celtics beat the Miami Heat
19:25 - Deuce slaps Marcus Smart on the butt during an inbounds play
19:29 - Deuce leaves Grant Williams hanging
19:41 - Deuce warms up with his dad before a game
19:50 - Deuce wears Jayson's shoes
19:58 - Deuce says "What's up baby? Take me out to dinner"
20:08 - Deuce is hyped watching his dad in the NBA Finals

Fans and Media Funny Moments

20:17 - Pointing guy
20:23 - Glen "Big Baby" Davis steals courtside seats on national TV (and gets kicked out)
21:01 - Abby Chin gets videobombed by Paul Pierce
21:07 - A fan has painted a Derrick White jersey onto his body
21:10 - Tacko Fall attends a playoffs game and has to give the fan behind him a booster seat to see over him
21:50 - Cryrie Irving
21:51 - Celtics fans gets a 2022 World Champions banner tattoo
21:57 - Eddie House says that Brian Scalabrine and Kendrick Perkins look like Ron Howard and Rick Ross, but Scalabrine says he looks more like Michael Rappaport

Former Celtics Players Funny Moments

22:21 - Josh Richardson covers his eyes with his headband
22:25 - Josh blocks a shot and yells "don't do that!"
22:34 - J Rich blocks another shot and yells "f--k outta here!"
22:39 - Josh crashes Rob Williams' and Jaylen Brown's postgame interviews
22:53 - Josh is mad he wasted an outfit
23:08 - Josh and Juancho bench celebration
23:11 - Romeo Langford on Shaqtin' a Fool
23:34 - Enes Freedom's shoe gets a 3 second violation
24:01 - Dennis Schroder and CJ McCollum keep falling over each other

Video footage courtesy of the NBA, NBC Sports Boston, ESPN, TNT, and all other media outlets.

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