Jayson Tatum reacts to Bradley Beal re-signing with Wizards

As expected Bradley Beal took the $250 million and decided to re-sign with the Wizards. When Washington didn't trade him at the deadline, to me there was never any doubt that re-sign there. Now will Beal remain in Washington for more than a year? That's the real question.

In the modern NBA, stars have mastered the get the bag and then request a trade move. Or the "cake and eat it too" move if you will. Jayson Tatum's and Bradley Beal's dream of playing together will have to wait until likely the end of Beal's career when I could see Tatum's team bringing him on for small money.

Beal's contract also has a good chance of becoming an untradeable one down the road, so who knows? Maybe he's bought out in 3 or 4 years and then signs in Boston.

I'm very glad the Celtics didn't trade Jaylen and all the extras that were mentioned for Beal. Not the guy I want to be paying $50 mil per year in his 30's. But congrats to Beal. And congrats to Tatum who might get more free meals out of his buddy due to his new contract.