Danilo Gallinari reportedly favors signing with Boston

The soon to be 34 year old veteran sharpshooter Danilo Gallinari is the name that has been most linked to the Celtics the past few days.

Here are my previous thoughts on Gallo:

Kind of redundant, but the point is that Udoka's defesnive system is tough to crack unless you're a good defender. Just being adequate might keep you on the bench. And if you are a deficiency, well you better make every shot you shoot while you're on the court if you don't want a quick hook.

Maybe Udoka and Stevens have discussed tweaking the system a bit to allow for more double teams? Who knows? But at this point, I really only care about what a player can do for the Celtics in the playoffs. Anyone can play the regular season bench minutes. The playoffs are what matters.