Top 3 NBA players since Jordan

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    Many basketball enthusiasts claim they have never seen a player like Michael Jordan. After all, he won a championship in 1998 and after him, we have seen many top NBA players with tremendous talents and accomplishments. Although, Jordan is arguably the world’s greatest basketball player, here are the top three NBA players you should know about.


    Kobe Bryant was an outstanding player after Michael Jordan. His skills, strengths, and level of athleticism were similar to Michael Jordan's. Bryant always wanted to be like Michael Jordan. And even his personality and mannerisms matched the world-famous basketball player, Michael Jordan.

    Bryant claimed that his inspiration throughout his life was Michael Jordan. He shadowed Jordan and witnessed his every reaction, every game, and modeled him. Bryant got five rings and he was waiting for his sixth. But, unfortunately, he died in a helicopter crash. He doesn’t want to retire with one title short of his inspiration, Michael Jordan.

    Bryant could win more than six titles but he couldn’t make it through because he started chasing Shaquille O’Neal. The Shaq-Kobe feud was the biggest conflict in the NBA. In the start, they had respect for each other and the game. But, Bryant’s ego became a major problem. It was the biggest setback in the history of the NBA. Also, if O’Neal would have agreed to play under Phil Jackson, the Lakers, he might have won six titles by now.

    Bryant’s won five titles without O’Neal. Furthermore, in both the finals he was the MVP. Bryant had a regular-season MVP, two scoring titles, 14 All-Star appearances, and nice All-Defensive First Team honors.

    Whether you hate him or love him, no one has played the game after Jordan retired.

    2. Shaquille O'Neal

    Everyone, even with little or no experience in basketball knows Shaquille O’Neal. He was unstoppable and the most dominating player in the NBA. Since he had a huge size with outstanding moves, he easily overpowered his opponents around the basket.

    O’Neal is the sixth leader NBA scorer in history and is the second all-time after Jordan. He had a 58.2 field goal percentage, which is the second-best in the league’s history. Although Kobe Bryant and O’Neal had an argument and feud, they wouldn’t have done so well without helping each other.

    O’Neal played with three franchises in the Finals. In 1995, he defeated Jordan upon his return. However, he lost against Houston Rockets and Hakeem Olajuwon in the Finals. After that, his three consecutive titles with the Lakers were outstanding. The only two people who defeated O’Neal were Jordan and Bryant.

    3. LeBron James

    LeBron James is still playing and in prime form. When he was 27 years old, he had an NBA Championship, three regular-season MVPs, a Finals MVP, eight All-Star appearances, rookie of the Year, a scoring title, and four NBA All-Defensive Teams honors.

    Even at the age of 37, he is incredibly outperforming. His rebounds, compiling points, and assists are at an incredible rate. LeBron James has the potential to become the greatest NBA player of all time. He collaborated with Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade. But, no one has ever done something this big all alone, so it is understandable. Today, LeBron James has four titles and he can achieve five, six, or even eight titles.